FIFA 17 Practical experience share : The chapter of Defence(B)

2017-05-11 12:13

Clearance kick

Opration: B,X,LB+Y


When meeting an emergency situation but not way to pass, you can consider clearance kick to solve the front court problem.

There are 3 ways to clear, one is using B button to kick the ball out, one is pressing X button to exactly pass. Another way is getting the ball into the kick-off circle or the other side’s front court.

The former just for short while solving the problem, but the rate of losing is high; the second one is seeking for the controlling after clear, but it is easy to send the ball to your opponent’s midfielder; the last is trending to make striker get more chance to strike back, but the possibility of losing the ball is high.

Using X is a common way to clear, pass the ball to players who are no be marked, that could ensure your mastery for the ball.

Lofting may put into the use, this clearance way is quite skilled and the most changeful, both short and long.


Actually, there are only 2 situations to clear, one is no realizing placement, the other one is point to be chosen.

The former only be cleared by clear directly (B button). About the latter, you should pay attention to “non-ball” player’s position, if he is running, pressing X to clear, or if he is running, lofting is a good way.

Goalkeeper comes out

Operation: Y Button


 Once our defense line is broken, but the other side’s player is not offside, we should let our goalkeeper become the last defense line.

Letting your goalkeeper coms out, only pressing Y button, he will come out automatically.

But at this moment, he will clear automatically, if the ball enters goalkeeper’s absolute area, pressing LT to control, and A to short pass (pass to defender if order to the next attack).


When the goalkeeper is coming out, that could make more chances to your opponent. So we should ensure the defense’s quality and reduce losing in the midfield.