FIFA 17 practical experience share: The chapter of dribbling(B)

2017-05-19 09:45

Fancy dribbling

Operation: left stick + right stick


There are 3 the most commonly used, practical and effective fancy skills, the first is left stick+ right stick (90°to left stick) stepove, left stick +right stick (left stick with the same direction of the semicircle) marseilles revoles, left stick+ right stick(opposite direction to left stick then push to forward direction immediately)heel forward suddenly change.

 All of them have included turn around, cut in and speed changing, both easy operation and practical.

Stepove, changing direction is weird to controlling, the latter forward in the direction of plus or minus 90°, but the former can cut in a bigger angle, even cut in back directly, but if the letter cut in this way, it could change to turn back stiffly, the rhythm will be slow. 

Marseilles revoles, different to Dan’s turn, Dan’s turn is almost close to 360°, it need us  revolve right stick nearly one round, when you revolve right stick over, then this fancy is failure and the ball will pass to the opposite direction. Marseilles revoles is one safe operation, we just need ensure opponent’s position, then choosing the furthest distance to the defender and forward to defender draw right stick semicircle.

Heel acceleration, this skill is gradually weakened, lack of sudden. But it still could make some blow to your opponents. When the opponent is looming, he thinks your dribbling is seeking for the chance to turn, at this time a sudden heel acceleration can make you rid his tackle immediately.


The Frostbite Engine greatly enhance players’ flexibility when whom is dribbling, especially for fancy dribbling, it not only increase the game to watch, but also improve the success rate to pass.

Fancy dribbling is fitter to the senior, gamers need be good at observing defenders’ position. From operation, gamers need to pay attention to sticks’ direction and push them accurately. But those requirements are little hard to the novice.

Therefore, if you are not very skilled, dribbling, speed suddenly and the 3 kinds of basic fancy dribbling are making you hold the whole match.


Fake pass

Operation: X+A



At the moment that you is about to long pass, pressing X then pressing A immediately, that could make a fake pass.

The action can be regarded a kind one crosscutting and the defect is very good. Because when the opponent in defense will be wary of your shot or pass, now the action will disrupt their defense.

As long as your high dribbling skill players show fake pass in penalty area, there will be a action with good coherence, high speed and the ball follows feet tightly, can easily pass defenders.



After you press X, while the player’s foot almost touch the ball, press A. If not the ball will fly away.

After spiking, the ball will away from the player a bit, so we could take this action around the forbidden are, unless the defenders is less, otherwise the ball would be tackled easily.


Choosing a narrow angle to spike, so that the ball will be recovered quickly, if the angle is too large, it will cause players turn around, then his speed will slow down.