FIFA 17 practical experience share: The chapter of Tactics

2017-05-15 11:30

Operation: Cross ↑+Cross↓,Cross↓+Cross↑, RB,A

The pressing way of Cross key is for whole team. And RB and A are for Career Model and when you control one player.

Cross ↑+Cross↓ and RB belong to press to the whole, but Cross↓+Cross↑belongs to press from the opponent’s half court. Under the overall pressure, whole team will close defense. However as for offensive attack, even the striker will tackle. For the single player, pressing A will make him press to the player who with the ball and around him.

Attack, especially for offensive attack, it will consume players’ strength greatly, my suggestion is pressing when you opponent’s counterattacking, whole pressing, single pressing or pressing greatly. Once tackling successfully and making the other side to the unthreatening area, we can secure the offensive attack.


Offensive tactics

Operation: Cross ↑+Cross←, Cross↑+Cross→,Cross↓+Cross →

Main offensive tactics are two side wingers, center back join and long pass.
The former is aiming at 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-2-1, which strength their midfield, attacking their wingers, but this way will weaken the ability of midfielders’ breaking or passing; the second one is aiming at saving midfield after the attacking at the other side’s court, stated by full back, this action will empty your backfield. Last one is the totally British style tactics, but under the time presses, it is simple to lose the ball.
If you watch out the opponent’s wingers are weak, considering the first way nor others.
Correcting in time, if not, the attacking will be your weakness.

The offside trap

Operation: Cross↑+ Cross↑

Taking the offside trap, that will make your defense line forward a little, thus your backfield is empty. Leaving one defender, once the other side’s player is planning to break the defense line, making this defender forward, then the opponent will stuck in you trap.
The offside trap is the cheapest and the most effective defense, when the opponent fells into the trap, we can gain the controlling (free kick).
This tactics need good team work. If one people is slow to follow, the trap will doesn’t work. Then if the trap loses efficacy, the passing will break our defense line extremely,
You also can move up your defense line manually, quickly double pressing Cross, with the limited time making you defense line forward. But it is not fit for the jackaroo.