How to Buy

Unfold the following title to know "How to place order & redeem coins via Player Auction" in text and pictures.

Please turn to Step 5 if you have placed order and paid successfully. If not, please do the following steps one by one to buy coins.

1. Please login your account before placing order. No account, please sign up first. Login your account can get more discount.

2. Select FIFA 18 Coins, then choose your console.

3. Select or enter coins quantity you want to buy, then click buy now.

4. Choose the payment method and checkout.Please go to your Member Center after you paid successfully.

5. Click "Redeem" and then select 'Player Auction 3.0'.
IMPORTANT: Don't refresh the page, or you'll fail to place an order.

6. Please List the player first, then enter the correct player information below, click "Search".

7. Select and click your correct player card, then click "Buy Now".

8. You will get your coins in seconds. Then you can continue to list and enter your next listed player to redeem coins.

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