FIFA 17: Comparison on FIFA 17 and PES 2017

2016-12-05 13:33

There is the argument between the FIFA game and the Pro Evolution Soccer for so many years , that is, which one is the best Football Simulator? For you, what is your question? The branded new version of the FIFA series games and the PES were released for some time, and they all hope to defeat its rival, so as to be the best game. And the result is that, FIFA 17 defeated the PES in the first week after it is released, even though IGN has made a higher assessment on PES 2017. Check fifa 17 coins for PS4 for more deals.


The data after released in United Kingdom in the first week showed that PES 2017 is 20 times lower than that of the FIFA 17 in terms of the sales. Without any denial, people is stimulated to shop the FIFA 17 because of its new feature of the new story mode, from which we also can see that the branded new FIFA 17 has made great success. Here, in terms of the analysis of the menu interface, we will make a comparison on these two famous games.


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For FIFA 17, it keeps its design of the Streamlined and the sleek Presentation just like FIFA 16, and you will find that navigating the menu interface of FIFA 17 is very easy. For PES 2017, it makes better job on the interface-wise, when compared to the FIFA 17, it still looks less sleeker, even though it is not as messy as the PES 2016. You can have much more convenient operation on playing the game as there is a quick bottom designed on the games. For instance, a button is able to access the Save Function in the FIFA 17 game. However, when it comes to the PES 2017, if you need to save your game, you need another window additionally. Buy fifa 17 coins at