FIFA 17: Russia Could Ban It?

2016-12-09 13:39

It is known to all that the FIFA 17 after it is released on September 27th it has received great success for its features of supported by various consoles, among which the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, the Xbox one, the Xbox 360 and also the PC are all included, which is so convenient for the users to experience the game. In addition, there are so many branded new highlights added in the fifa 17, such as the Frostbite engine, the new story mode Journey mode, etc, and it has become the top one best popular game in the field of the football at the time when it is released for just only one week. Visit the fifa coins zone for more choices on cheap fifa coins.

Everything seams so great for the fifa 17 version, however, there still something bad that happened in the Russia market for the FIFA 17. As the the Russia MPs claimed that the branded new fifa 17 did not conform to the Gay Propaganda Law in Russia. When this thing happened, a Rainbow Kit into the FIFA 17 was introduced by the EA company to support the Rainbow Laces Campaign, and this action was began by the LGBT Rights Charity Stonewall so as to support the Community in FIFA 17.

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A ban was pushed by the Communist MPs at the moment on the FIFA 17 game in Russia, which made the argument on FIFA 17 that it has violated the law of Russia which went against the gay propaganda, and the reason is that the FIFA 17 invited the users to support the action of the rainbow laces of the English Football Premier League, and there are a lot of Campaign supporting the LGBT. The Controversial Gay Propaganda Law was introduced in Russia in the year of 2013, and is is to protect kids from Information Advocating For A Denial Of Traditional Family Values.

Now matter what happened on Russia, just check out the cheapest fifa coins to enjoy yourself on FIFA 17 now.