FIFA 17: the Difference between FIFA 17 and FIFA 16

2016-12-07 11:57

The FIFA 17 has been released on 27th November, and it is not a long time after it released the FIFA 15 and FIFA 16, which is surprised thing for all of the FIFA game fans, so a lot of people always ask about the new features in the FIFA 17. Where to buy fifa 17 coins for Xbox one? Just check it out.

And here is also a fact that for the football, there needs not so much extreme technological changes, and the fifa game process of the development is greatly shortened. However, we still can see many branded new highlight features that are designed in the FIFA 17 game. And a lot of people who wants to buy the game always think the FIFA 17 is a Roster Update.

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But here I will tell you that this thought is wrong, because in the history of the FIFA series games, the FIFA 17 is the best, and it has broken the record of the FIFA 13 and also beat the PES 2017 only with one week time after it is released on 27th November this year. And we will show you two branded new highlights of the FIFA 17, which are different from that of the FIFA 16 version.

The New Story Mode “The Journey” of the FIFA 17 makes you can control the every single player’s destiny. And in those huge league, if the player tries to make it, you can control him by controlling him off the pitch and on the football pitch. Alex Hunter, who is young, tries making the mark of his own in Premier League. And when the Season begins, you can pick one of these twenties premier league clubs to play the game. And all of the positions in the game could be played by the players, of course, there will include the goalkeeper. So, now want to experience the FIFA 17? Just buy cheap fifa 17 coins right now.