Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th

How to Unbind Your Account to Your Phone / Email / Credit Card?

1. Go to then log in with your Origin account/PSN account
2. Click: My Account-->Privacy Settings-->Security-->Turn Off 'Login Verification'

1. Go to log in your PSN account
2. Fill in the information of your credit card that you bind to your account
3. Check again the information and ensure it’s correct
4. Click 'Delete'
5. If you unbind it successfully, you’ll receive the tip 'Your credit card has been delete.'

1. Go to log in your XBOX LIVE account
2. Enter 'My Account' Section, select 'Payment & billing'

3. Select 'Manage payment options' in 'Payment & billing' section

4. 'Remove' the credit card(s) you bind to you account

1. Go to log in your Origin account
2. 'My Account' -> Enter ‘Payment & Shipping’ Section
3. In payment section, you’ll see the credit card you bind to your Origin account
4. Delete all of them.