FIFA 17 practical experience share: The chapter of dribbling(A)

2017-05-17 10:51

Speed up suddenly

Operation: left stick + RT*2


Left stick search for the space without the other side’s player defend, pressing RT about 1 second until marked and closes to you, loose RT and cajole the player dragging or tackling. At this time, we should sure the accuracy of dribbling’s direction, if not seeking for the outbreak again. When the opponent is trying any close action, dragging, tackling or something else, long pressing RT to rid.


In FIFA 17, the speed of dribbling player is slow, and “non-ball” players’ speed could reflect their real speed. So when we are dribbling, we should consider the sudden break.

If your player faces to the goal when he is about to catching, that is helpful for breakthrough , at least we could not consider to turn around.

Control stably

Operation: left stick + LT


This is a general trapping skill in FIFA15,16, pressing LT makes your player’s speed low to the second ( LB is the lowest speed, higher is LT, only left stick to dribble belongs to the third speed, forth speed dribbling is RT, left+ push right stick and press RT is the highest speed to dribble), then with left stick’s assists to turn around and change direction broadwise.

Trapping is fit to the match, which rhythm is controlled by the dribbling player, control the ball stably, then observe the situation, consider choosing which operation,short pass, long pass, through pass,tackle or pass.

During the controlling, dribbling player will protect the ball consciously, even though the opponents are behind, he will strength arms to block, at the foot will also have action.

Using this way to dribble could not only improve the accuracy of pass but shot, but it not fits to match pass or shoot with too much power. Dribbling will improve the accuracy but reduce the power, If you improve the power sedulously, just only making the ball  pass highly not long.


The protectiveness is highest when the ball is quiescent, in the process of dribbling will be tackled easily. So we should pay attention to the attack and take action in time.

Because of the slow speed of dribbling, once you find a chance, speed up suddenly or pass, that could cause the opponent caught unprepared.