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FIFA 14 Gaming - Chemistry Style Tips for Playing as Bayern Munich

FIFA 14 (which is the latest title of FIFA franchise and most popular football simulator created by EA Sports) adopts an initial lineup of Bayern Munich as a standard 4-1-4-1 chemistry style, but it doesn't mean to exactly express the best the team would play in the game. 

Varying chemistry styles make a difference in attacking or defending of the team on the pitch. Bayern Munich takes in a blend of two chemistry styles either to attack or defense.  Ribery and Robben's superior pace must take the advantages of being on the wings in a 4-3-3 attacking chemistry style and revert to a blend of 4-5-1 and the FIFA 14 default chemistry style of 4-1-4-1 on defense. Bayern Munich is a dedicated thread to any other club in the midfield as it has a number of brilliant midfielders which can be a big challenge fitting them into not only the first-team, but also your bench. Let us have a look at two variant ways to set up the squad.

4-3-3 False 9:
GK - Neuer
RB - Lahm
CB - Dante
CB - Boateng
LB - Alaba
CM - Muller
CDM - Javi Martinez
CM - Schweinsteiger
LW - Ribery
CF - Gotze
RW - Robben

You need to take every chance playing more possession-football if you choose the chemistry style. Gotze here has been selected to be the center-forward because of his incredible passing skills and vision along with the impressive speed, nimble and finishing stats while Muller is another great candidate with his amazing heading skills that opponents can hardly win the ball from him.

Aforementioned Ribery and Robben who are capable of scoring from distance can be the biggest thread making up the flaw that you sacrifice men in the box for crosses. It is a plus that they gain fairly good vision for seizing the through-ball opportunities.

4-3-3 Attacking
GK - Neuer
RB - Lahm
CB - Dante
CB - Boateng
LB - Alaba
CM - Martinez
CM -Schweinsteiger
CAM - Muller
LW - Robben
ST - Mandzukic
RW - Ribery

First and foremost thing to do, change Mandzukic's work rate defensively to low in order to his instinct of the tendency to drop deep and look for a pass so that loses the attacking threat in the middle. Mandzukic's threat in the air means lots of crosses from both Ribery and Robben whilst cutting inside and shooting will give you additional attacking options. Elsewhere, Lahm and Alaba will continue to give you great support on the flanks.

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