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FIFA19 Launches Custom Mode

The British media "Daily Mirror" recently learned about some of the new qualities of the famous football game FIFA2019 that will be released on September 28.

In FIFA2019, the UEFA Champions League will appear for the first time in FIFA history, and the new menu includes multiple challenge modes. For example, "Best Of" you need to meet 3-5 conditions to win, and " Away Goals is a home and away game that incorporates the rules of away goals. A

The most interesting, of course, is the FIFA2019's unique "House Rules."

Under this play method, there are a lot of custom rules. For example, the score outside the penalty area is counted as 2 points. After scoring in the survival mode, the players in the scoring club will be removed immediately. In Headers & Volleys mode, you only Can score through the header and volley, directly punished the ball to break the door who is not allowed.

There is also an irregular mode, which is to cancel all rules. There is no offside. In the foul environment, the two teams compete. Under the First to rule, you need to set a number to get the first goal. The jersey must be the number.

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