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Absurd! European Footballer Is Not C Ronaldo?

Absurd! European Footballer Is Not C Ronaldo? Real Madrid's enthusiasm for Modric, Golden Globe, C Ronaldo is also dangerous.

The UEFA Awards Conference made the biggest controversy - Cristiano Ronaldo did not get the most important player (the European footballer, commonly known as "silver pants"), and was won by Modric.

Apparently knowing ahead of time that he did not receive this award, Ronaldo directly indicated his attitude in absentia. Although Ronaldo has won the award in his career, he is very concerned, persistent and serious about every award. He is one of the greatest players in the history of the world, but he is still on the move. This attitude is the biggest factor in his success.

Modric's performance is indeed very good, but the problem is - this is the Champions League, not the World Cup, Modric won the World Cup Golden Globe, apparently played a considerable role for many voters. But in fact, Ronaldo's World Cup performance is not bad, there are only two hat tricks in the 2018 World Cup, C Ronaldo is one of them, and the other is Kane's tortoise, the difficulty, and significance of the opponent, apparently with Ronaldo It is impossible to compare against Spain.

Therefore, Modric’s award is actually absurd. The winner must be "first", and C Ronaldo is no doubt not only Real Madrid won the Champions League this season, but also the biggest hero of Real Madrid's three consecutive Champions League, no one, Modric is just that one".

It is true that C Ronaldo is a striker and Modric is a midfielder. It is natural to make different contributions in different positions, but Ronaldo’s contribution is too prominent, and the ratio to the position has lost its meaning. Look at this season: Cristiano Ronaldo played 12 of all 13 games, Modric 11 games; Ronaldo scored 15 goals, Modric 1; C Ronaldo assisted 3 goals, Modric 1 ball; C Ronaldo 4 times When the election was the best, Modric did not.

How is it compared?

Holding Modric awards, it is like the 1986 World Cup, the striker Maradona was erased from the podium, and the midfielder Enrique, who passed the last leg of his goal in his century, was The best is the same.

C Ronaldo did not take the best of the Champions League. On the surface, this is a question of voting. In fact, it is the personal war between Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid, and the marketing warfare of Real Madrid. Silver pants, just the highest award at the end of the year - the Golden Globe Awards, Real Madrid is eager to hold Modric, not Modric is so arrogant, but can not let C Ronaldo, can not let the award fall. For Real Madrid, this award does not matter even if you let Mesina, anyway, can not let C Ronaldo who is not Real Madrid.

From this point of view, Modric stayed in the transfer storm, but did not go to Inter Milan, the choice is wise - otherwise the superstar like the Real Madrid, of course, there are people, just pick one who can win the prize, Anyway, the stars of Real Madrid's flash are more, this award will also have Modric's share?

At the end of the year, the highest award - the Golden Globe Award, the dark battle has already begun, leaving Real Madrid's C Ronaldo, to face Modric's various public opinion, not good, Modric is really confused to become "breaking C Ronaldo Messi Golden Globe Awards monopoly "first person".

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