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Ajax Successfully Advanced To The Champions League

On Tuesday night, the Champions League doubles Ajax away 0-0 draw against Dynamo Kyiv. With the result of the first round of 3-1, Ajax eventually eliminated his opponent and successfully advanced to the Champions League.

Compared with the previous game against Emmen, Eric Tenghag made three adjustments to the starting lineup: Shene and Matthijs returned to the starting lineup, which means that Etting and Christensen took the bench; Weber Replaced Talia Fico, who was suspended due to the yellow card, as the left back.

After the opening game, Dynamo Kyiv, who played at home, took the initiative. In the 5th minute, Verbich received a pass from the teammate and passed the ball in front of the goal. Fortunately, Onana responded quickly and struggled to save the ball.

Ten minutes later, Ajax gradually adapted to the oppression of the home team and began to tear the opponent's defense line by passing the ball. In the 14th minute, Chiyeh took the corner and Daley was pulled down by Koziola in the penalty area. The referee decisively awarded a penalty.

Tadic stood confidently in front of the penalty spot. Although his penalty action deceived the opponent's goalkeeper, he kicked the ball on the goal post. Then Tadic's shot was also kicked out.

Half an hour after the opening whistle, Ajax has already taken the initiative and created a lot of scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, Tadic, Huntelaar, Van der Beck and Ziyeh failed to send the ball into the net.

Before the end of the first half, Van Derbeck sent across to the front of the door, and Huntelaar had only the other goalkeeper in front of him. But when the 35-year-old veteran just hit the ball, the opponent's goalkeeper has already rushed out. Huntelaar failed to score, the two sides had to enter the intermission with a 0-0 score.

In the second half, Ajax did not choose conservative tactics and continued to attack forward. In the 52nd minute, Tadic sent a cross from the left, Mazraouyi headed the ball and grabbed the goal, but the Kiev goalkeeper once again saved the ball. A few minutes later, Ziyeh's direct free kick hit the crossbar. This is the fourth time in the two rounds that the door frame prevented Ajax from scoring.

In the last half hour of the match, Dynamo Kyiv had to fight all the way, and the draw was meaningless to them. Under the leadership of Daley, the Ajax line of defense was calm and did not give the opponent any chance.

At the other end of the court, Ajax still had a chance to score, but Huntelaar and Ziyer's efforts did not receive any return.

A score of 0 to 0 is enough to ensure that Ajax enters the Champions League. On Thursday, UEFA will hold a Champions League draw, when Ajax will know which three teams will be encountered in the group.

End score

Dynamo Kiev 0-0 Ajax

Special moment: Tadic missed the penalty in the 14th minute

Referee: Skomina

Yellow card: Koziola, Sed Hordichuk, Shapalenko (Dynamo Kyiv); Ziyeh, Tadic (Ajax)

Number of fans on site: 40,131 people

Dynamo Kiev appearance lineup: Boyko, Kedziora, Burda, Kádár, Pivaric, Shepelev (46. Garnish), Sydorchuk (64. Shaparenko), Buyalsky (85. Rusyn), Tsygankov, Supriaha, Verbic.

Ajax played in the lineup: Onana, Mazraui, Delicht, Blinder, Weber (79. Weber), Schone, Frenky De Jong, Van Der Beck (85. De Witt), Chiehher, Huntelaar, Tadic.

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