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“Bench players” recommended (B)


He is right back in recent 2 years in Premier League,but his position in game is right midfield,but the black cards of Premier League,so many better choices to pick than him. Such as Mane, Walcott and Zaha. Besides his 3 star’s sm, many people who like play in front, could not accept this.On power and height are much better than Bellein and Walker.If someone don’t mind it,you can use it on RB.You should have a try.


His power and speed are lower than 2 years ago, CAM may more fit to him, there are many choice to select,mixed with Argentina,in front. Now he is away from 5 leagues,the chance to see him is few.


Paye has been made out for several kinds in FIFA 17.It’s so pity that his position only in SBC.we could put him on CAM.I believe many people would not use a wing with under 80 speed, after all speed and physique are the main require in this game.For the most time, he treated as professional SBC like Sliva and Cazorla.Thanks to SBC,if not his price may be lower than now.

Moussa Sissoko

This guy is such almighty.He ever played every in midfield in Newcastle United FC,and had a good performance last year in EFC.The model of height is also quite better than Kante.This kind of almighty is not many choice in Permier League, especially for Ramires was removed.


Similar with Srna,a almighty full back but hard to make chemical reaction .Except for La Liga,others league have a few high level left backs, this point lightened his waste.For a while, ignored the chemical reaction I used it on Preimer until Kurt vazha’s sold.

In fact,there are many excellent players.such as Sneijder,etc.It could be exchanged formation to cause the chemical reaction.The other kind of players can be easily mixed with Serie A and Bundesliga.

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