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FIFA 19 Cattle Tail Action Application and Decomposition

2019-02-13 04:45

FIFA 19 Cattle Tail Action Application and Decomposition

There are many players in FIFA 19 who like to use some bells and whistles in the game. The cow tail is one of them, but many players are not sure how to use the tail function of the cow. Today, we will bring you the application and decomposition of the tail of the cow.

Operation method: the right direction is →→, the right rocker pushes 180 degrees from bottom to top. Although this action looks good, it is quite difficult to press. It is often pressed into other fancy styles.

First look at the demonstration of the tail of the cow

Let's take a look at the demo to see this action, then look at a GIF.

In the above picture, Ronaldo first used a cow tail, and then used a small ball. These two actions are 180°of the right rocker, but the effect is completely different because of the different directions. When the cow tail is used, Very error-prone into the second action, so give everyone a wrong demonstration, want to master the tail of the cow, you must first practice on the driving range, otherwise it is impossible to use it in actual combat.

The super handsome fancy of the cow tail is in actual combat, mainly used for people and sidewalks. First, let's take a look at the application of people.

In the above picture, the Cruyff midfielder used a tail of the cow to open the opponent quickly and sharply, and then look at an example.

In the picture above, I used Neymar to use a tail of the cow near the penalty area and completed a smooth shot. Here we look at the slow motion and illustration of the tail.

First is the slow motion of the ox tail

After reading the slow motion, you must have a new understanding. Let's take a look at the diagram and when it is most appropriate to use the tail.

In the above picture, I drew a cross-axis with the tail of the cow's tail in the direction of 45°, so there are two conditions for the use of the cow's tail:

1. The opposing defenders have a tendency to grab.

2, 45°direction is neutral, no containment.

After completing the above two points, the tail of the cow can be used smoothly. Of course, you can also pick up the tail of the cow, but it is very difficult to use. Because of the second tail, your right stick will change with the change of the face orientation. I only teach how to use the tail of a cow here.

After looking at the score of a cow's tail organization, let's look at a GIF that organizes the offense of the oxtail.

Neymar satisfies the two conditions I mentioned above and then successfully created the crossover space. Although the final goal is not scored, but a series of operations, I believe that has given the opposite players a lot of psychological pressure.

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