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FIFA 19: Halloween Scream Card Recommended

2019-02-13 05:40


It's hard to imagine how much the 189's professor has 90 speeds and defensive horror. Many players even think that such data can be compared with the legendary Vieira. But still advise everyone to calm down, the first effect is only 30 days. If the new transformation after 30 is not accelerating, then there will be no particular difference between this card and Pujin. In addition, Professor Bu teaches two key data balances and agile doubles, which will have a great impact on the tape and the feel of the ball. At present, the price of PS400,000 and PC 500,000 can only be described as crazy.

Mandžukić (recommendation: 9)

First of all, Mandžukić’s Ordinary gold card has a good practical effect, so the two random gains are the icing on the cake. The initial card is currently adding speed and shooting. Not only can it hit the sky, but the threat of counterattacking is also much greater. In the current situation, eating an engine can improve the feel and have a good adjustment ability after taking the ball. And if the transformation later increases the defensive ability, with his larger model can also become a good CM. Overall, Mandžukić’s plasticity is very strong, although the current price is expensive.

Balotelli (recommendation: 9)

Like Mandžukić, it is a model of high center. The hairstyle of Ba Shen pulls also has a visual additive effect. For the initial plus + defense, it is not considered a bad thing, at least the price of his early 100,000 is within the acceptance range. However, the current location arrangement still feels cautious. It is recommended to stick to the center position, eat the falcon to reinforce the speed, shoot, the body, so the defensive ability with the chemical striker with 99 may have a miraculous effect in the frontcourt anti-grab and melee.

Forsbery (Recommended: 9.5)

179, four flowers and four reversals, body + defensive full, with HUNTER is a full-fledged hexagonal warrior! The current price of 60,000 is a value-for-money option, the Bundesliga thinks that he can kick the main midfielder or midfielder for a long time. It is. Attached to the effect of HUNTER, very scary six-dimensional.

Shaqiri(recommendation: 9)

Shaqiri's model is short and wide, with the initial tape + body 90 data, eating HUNTER is Swiss Hulk, and the tape is more flexible. Shaqiri can't push it in the penalty area, and his shooting ability is also very strong. In the case of the British Premier League 100,000 + winger scarcity, Shaqiri can fight.

Fellaini (recommendation 7.5)

Similar to Busquets, if Fellaini has a speed bonus, he is the top midfielder that can rival the legend. But maybe it’s possible that Fellaini didn’t get the speed bonus in a few months? If you decide that the next time Fellaini can turn into a speed madness, may make you get rich, but you can be sure that the risk of losing money will be even greater.

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