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FIFA 19 Legendary Players Use Experience

In FIFA 19, the legendary player is the best card in the MT mode. It has a tacit understanding with all cards and is a legendary player. The attributes are not bad. Each legendary star has three legendary cards. Each legendary card has different attributes and even different positions, but the attributes are similar. Here are the experiences of the "FIFA 19" legendary players.

Top with Raúl. As most people have said, Raul is very balanced, with a very average ST, medium model, and no obvious recognition in the crowd. The in-situ shot of the left foot is very good. The normal gate in the restricted area, if not blocked, still has a battle. But because it is too balanced, sometimes the sense of existence is not very high. The impact on the enemy line is obviously not as obvious as Cristiano Ronaldo.

If it is a double striker, it can be used once, and the single arrow is a little hard. Raúl's header is OK, and he can occasionally pick one. If you score, I will give A-

Then, Seedorf (Middle), you can hardly describe him. How to say it, the model is not very big, but it is a few times larger than Kante. Listening to the master said that it was only Gullit. Although there is a speed of 80, the midfield interception turned and tilted 45 degrees back to chase it, it is very cattle. But I feel that Seedorf feels the same linear speed, and turning back to chase is a bit uncomfortable. The positional defense can break the ball.

The aggression is very high, and the header can sometimes pull the onions in the dry land. Although not high, inexplicable can grab the big ball opposite. Overall this price I think wins the panel value and double 4. Can be used on the defensive, the single CDM is more difficult, suitable for cm. Just like shooting, don't pursue him for a long shot. If I rate B+, the price is slightly lower, it is recommended to enter Pettit.

Next, Vieira (Middle). I believe that playing ut knows that the three-week set of the week, Vieira, Gullit+r9, as early as Xbox, Gullit, and Gullit as the ancient beasts, can increase the thickness of the entire midfield by just one person. . It’s really not blowing. In these midfield legends that I joined this year, it’s really a good thing to use, just a few. Vieira is indispensable, and the graduation is still applicable to 19, and his recovery, acceleration, and turning, can't see the action that such a big model can make.

Often fill the leg directly from the back of the other person's body, non-de,  and disability, even the person with the ball left. I have used it well, and with him, it is no longer empty. Must be A+ I think the match is enough, and there is not much difference between the high match and the high match.

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