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FIFA 19 News: Barcelona 2-0 Inter Milan

2019-02-13 06:00

The third round of the Group B of the UEFA Champions League group stage in the 18/19 season continued. At the Camp Nou, Barcelona beat Inter Milan 2-0 at home, leading the championship in a three-game winning streak. Rafinha and Alba broke the door and Coutinho hit the doorframe once.

In the history of the Champions League, the two teams played a total of 6 times, Barcelona 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, the goal is 7 to 3. At home, Barcelona won 3 games and scored 6-0. Busquets participated in the European War 100 times, Messi, Umiti, and Fermalen were wounded by the injury.

In the 3rd minute, Terstelgen made a mistake, and Pericic volleyed the ball before the penalty area on the left side of the penalty area. 13 minutes Coutinho left the right foot in front of the penalty area and kicked high. After 3 minutes, Pericic made a cross from the left and Icardi shot a little above the crossbar. In the 18th minute, Coutinho made a left-footed corner pass, and Langley’s former scoring shot was saved by Handanovic.

32 minutes Luis Suarez made a 45-degree cross from the right, and Rafinia scored a goal in front of the restricted area. 1-0, Barcelona home lead, Rafinha harvested the Champions League ball!

In 38 minutes, Pique's header was not far from the goal. Besino's right side of the restricted area arc volleyed a little higher. 46 minutes Shkniania tripped Coutinho, Coutinho hit a free kick in the arc of the penalty area and hit the Miranda refraction. The ball slipped past the door.

In the second half, Inter Milan replaced Poldreva with Politano. In 50 minutes, Politano seemed to shoot right, and Ter Stegen singled the ball to the bottom line. After 1 minute, Ikardi passed the ball on the heel, and Politano pushed the ball in the middle of the restricted area. After 59 minutes of Luis Suarez swaying through Asamoah and Miranda, the left side of the penalty area was saved by Handanovic. After 1 minute, Asamoah headed the ball and Langley's right side of the penalty area was pushed by Handanovic to the bottom line.

In 62 minutes, Luis Suarez slammed Miranda and was given a yellow card. Inter Milan replaced Ralta with Borja Barrero. 65 minutes Luis Suarez low-altitude free kick in the arc of the penalty area, Brozovic lay down to the ground to block the ball. In the 68th minute, Luis Suarez knocked back, and Rakitic hit the left foot of the restricted area and shot low. In the 71st minute, Coutinho made a right pass and Luis Suarez made a headed shot and was saved by Handanovic. Coutinho shot the right post in the restricted area.

Barcelona replaced Semedo with Lafia. In 72 minutes, Brozovich smashed Coutinho and was given a yellow card warning. Two minutes later Shkrynia knocked down Luis Suarez to yellow. Inter Milan replaced Perisic with Bald, Barcelona replaced Atul with Vidal, and the Nou Camp fans screamed at the substitution. In the 79th minute, Dan Brosio made a right pass and Bald shot in the restricted area. After 1 minute, Asamoah crosses the left and Rottaro pushes the sliding door. 82 minutes Rakitic's arc on the right side of the restricted area arc shot, the ball rubbed the far post and flew out the bottom line.

83 minutes Rakitic direct pass, Alba Road left-foot shot low angle to break the door. 2-0, Barcelona expands its advantage!

In 84 minutes, Rottaro kicked Busquets and was given a yellow card warning. Barcelona replaced Coutinho with Munir. In 90 minutes, Alba made a cross from the left and Luis Suarez made a low shot on the right side of the penalty area.

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