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FIFA 19 News: FIFA 19 UT Mode Pioneers Recommended

Jerome Roussillon

This player's season blue is also a very affordable card last year, and its rating has also increased this year.

The double speed reached 87, passed the pass, and the defensive 73, which steals and slipped the shovel reached 78, intercepted 76. With the ball 76, most of the small data has reached 76+, 3 flowers and 3 reverse. The body score reached 78, the strength of 84. 77 power + chunky model allows Roussillon to bully most of the side players.

Recommended Chemistry: Anchor, Sentinel

Danny Da Costa

When I started the land reclamation last year, I used the silver card of this player. I was very impressed. I still use him this year.

The speed reached 82, and the sprint reached 86, which was passed as a full-back.

Power 80 bouncing 81 and 187's height, Da Costa is also a clear stream on the full-back, the three-guard is also competent.

The key small data for passing the ball is also visible.

Recommended Chemistry: Anchor, Shadow

Thomas Delaney

The data is super beautiful. The price may be small when the transfer to Dortmund this year, but it is estimated that it will be won within 3,000.

The speed score reached 75, which is enough for the midfield.

The score of the shot is also 73, the law is quite satisfactory, the entry will also enter, there is a need to be able to shoot a long shot, the 4-star reverse foot is also a good embellishment.

Passing ability pass, the field of view short pass long pass has 77+.

Passing the ball also passed, and the reaction and calming reached 79 and 82 respectively.

Defensive 78, all small data is also 77+

The overall quality is 83. Physical 92 with HH mentality is perfect, positivity 84 with 78 strength makes him not to suffer in a physical confrontation, bouncing 86 ball 80 plus 182 height also shows his good air-conditioning ability.

Recommended Chemistry: Engine, Anchor, Shadow, Catalyst

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