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FIFA 19 News: How Has My Speed Dropped?

2019-02-13 03:55

Chamberlain Asks FIFA19 Producer: How Has My Speed Dropped?

September 27th Recently, EA Sport has officially released the FIFA19 game, and the producer has also adjusted the data of some players on the game. Among them, Chamberlain's data has changed. Previously, Chamberlain's speed was 90, but it has fallen in the new version this year, becoming 85. The speed player can get a score of 99.

Chamberlain is still recovering from injury. He has a photo of cycling on the ins, Aite EA Sport: "@ea sport, can you explain why my speed has dropped? Practice knows You have never seen me running."

Chamberlain was injured in the Champions League semi-final last year, after reports that he may miss the entire 18-19 season.

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