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FIFA 19 News: Without Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid's Strength Has Dropped?

As the most eye-catching football superstar, C Ronaldo left Real Madrid to trigger an unexpected but unimaginable discussion. The most interesting point is: Will Real Madrid's strength decline?

After the decline of Real Madrid's Real Madrid strength?

Since the Portuguese announced the joining of Juventus, this issue has been discussed until today! Yes, in many ways, the Portuguese superstar is responsible, and he is a thigh in any team. However, if you lose C Ronaldo, Real Madrid will not do it? Maybe not! Today, let's take a look at this set of data:

FIFA19 player's top 50 players in the game

The game company EA's masterpiece FIFA19 is about to be released. On Saturday, some players' ability values have been announced; news from the British media "Daily Mirror" said that the top 30 players originally scheduled to be announced at the end of this month are also ahead of schedule. Leaked out.

In this top 50 list of players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi ranked 94th in the top, and Neymar ranked third in 92 points. In the next 91 minutes, there were two Real Madrid players - Modric and Ramos.

Throughout the list, there are 9 Real Madrid players on the list, Cross (90 points), Kurtova (90 points), Isco (89 points), Bell (88 points), Casimiro (88) Points), Marcelo (88 points), Navas (87 points) are distributed between 87-90 points.

Real Madrid now wins the game depends on the whole team

It is worth mentioning that in this list, Real Madrid is the team with the most players on the list, and these 9 people are almost all over the stadium, and the midfielder Iron Triangle is on the list.

Bell's new season is really good

Although Bell's score is only 88 points, he recovered from the injury and he definitely exceeded this number at the beginning of the season; from the overall cooperation of the team, in addition to the newly joined Kurtova, the remaining 8 people at least Together with 3 seasons.

Lope Teji said, "Cro's goal everyone to make up"

Football is a sport that 11 people have done together, the overall strength is really strong, C Ronaldo is in, that is the team's luck, he can really increase the winning factor, but Ronaldo is not, does not mean the team The overall strength has dropped, as Lopetji said: "Crosse's goal, we fill it in a holistic way!"

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