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FIFA 19 Player's Package Rate Is The First Public

2019-02-13 04:01

FIFA 19 is now officially launched, and the series first revealed the drop rate of the final team (FUT) mode player package, which also exposed the true terror of the FIFA ultimate team.

The first update after FIFA 19 went live was the update of Ones to Watch. This update will inject 23 new players with the most compelling and promising new players from around the world. These include a special edition of Cristiano Ronaldo and Riyad Mahrez, who just moved from Real Madrid to Juventus this summer, while the latter from Leicester Transfer to Manchester City.

These eye-catching player items are also known as dynamic black cards because their player ability values are dynamically changing—that is, as long as the actual players perform well in the new club, the player card will be permanently used this season. The ability value is increased. Therefore, if Ronaldo continues to play for Juventus and performs well, his overall ability value may exceed the current 94, which makes Ronaldo's dynamic black card more valuable than the standard card.

These dynamic black cards are now added to the player bag. With the new player card drop rate feature, we can see how impossible it is to get a dynamic black card. According to EA, in FIFA 19, there is less than 1% probability that a dynamic black card can be obtained from the player package. In fact, this may be a terrible situation, because the probability of "less than 1%" is obviously well thought out, and all players know that this probability may be 0.01%.

The drop rate of the ultimate team mode player package is now open, which also touches the pain of many gamers. The naked reality is that you are unlikely to get a dynamic black card, and the subsequent rate-limited promotion package will undoubtedly be similar.

This is not to say that players who are passionate about the FIFA Ultimate team will immediately stop buying player packs. But when they spend more and more money on them, they will gradually realize how much the EA's drop rate feels "not to change their lives, and how to save them."

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