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FIFA 19 Received IGN Score 8.2

2019-02-13 03:47

IGN gave 8.2 points of praise for the performance of FIFA 19. The reviewers believe that FIFA 19 has made significant progress on the basis of last year, but many new contents haven’t reached a high level. Take a look at IGN's evaluation of FIFA 19.

IGN evaluation:

There are two things that form the cornerstone of the FIFA series: one is to bring fun and easy-to-score football games to players, and the other is to show unparalleled authenticity. In terms of the first trait, FIFA 19 took only a small step. It did not bring any significant changes. It only made some adjustments to the gameplay and made some adjustments to the "FIFA" formula used throughout the year. But in terms of the second trait, thanks to the addition of the Champions League, FIFA 19 has taken a big step forward.


The FIFA 19 game has added a lot of new models to the game, and made some important new changes in the gameplay, making the ball more realistic; FIFA 19 made significant progress on the basis of last year. However, not all new content can be "achieved", such as the "Gears of War-style shooting mechanic" in the game, as well as a number of new launch modes. Coupled with the "The Journey" single-player campaign, these shortcomings have dragged the FIFA 19 back. In other words, "FIFA 19" can be more interesting than the previous series, but only thanks to its diversity, and this can only extend the game life of this game.

Rating: 8.2 points Excellent

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