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FIFA 19 Tips: How to Score, Defend, and Keep the Ball?

2019-06-26 06:48

Early crosses are heavenly:

In FIFA 19, the new Active Touch framework gives the ball a more noteworthy feeling of weight and flash than it's at any point had in FIFA previously. This implies propelling the ball into the container is a ton of fun.

A great deal of the groups in the demo play 4-3-3 with quality wingers and huge men in the center Dzeko, Lukaku, Kane, just to give some examples.

Try not to hold up until you're the distance to the byline and everybody's static in their position however. Toss an early cross in towards the center while your rival's back line is as yet running towards their very own objective attempting to stay aware of your striker. On the off chance that you time it right your player can associate with a rattling completion that is very fulfilling. You could do this in FIFA 18 as well, however the meatier ball material science give it a genuine pound.

Change your formation:

Talking groups playing 4-3-3, I found the development somewhat incoherent on higher troubles. There didn't appear to be anybody to change from safeguard to assault, and my midfield felt like it'd disappeared. Smaller arrangements like 4-3-1-2 and 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow appear to be incredible in FIFA 19 since the majority of the groups have extraordinary wingbacks who give width to your play.

Go assaulting to counter groups sitting profound:

Additionally, make sure to alter your courses of action in Team Management before the diversion. This is another element that gives you a chance to switch development by changing the ultra-protective/ultra-assaulting slider. You can truly differentiate when you use it in FIFA 19, so give it a spin.

On Legendary trouble the AI packs huge amounts of bodies behind the ball, so pushing up to repay can assist you with opening up their protection considerably more effectively.

You can score screamers with Timed Finishing:

A monstrous change profoundly interactivity of FIFA 19 is Timed Finishing. This is the place you twofold tap shoot inside a specific window to give your shot a major lift in power and exactness.

When you get space, give it a shot. You can score amazing long-extend endeavors in the event that you time it right.

Don't constantly Timed Finish:

All things considered, don't feel like you generally need to twofold tap. Utilize the aptitude sparingly, or you'll wind up missing an entire load of sitters. In case you're similar to me you might've gotten into the propensity for pounding the shoot catch as a cross comes in this dependably results in an exertion on objective that is high, wide, and not extremely nice looking.

Chip it up for yourself:

Another shooting method that you can utilize is the chip up volley. In the event that you press the correct stick in, your player will scoop the roll together for himself.

You can utilize this to attempt and ride difficulties on the off chance that you need, however you can likewise utilize it with players like Ronaldo who can crush a volley like no one's matter of fact. This gets more height on your shots in case you're attempting to get it past managers like De Gea and Neuer.

Close post OP:

Like in FIFA 18, attendants are exceptionally solid in FIFA 19. Except if you pull off a Timed Finish, they'll stop most shots that're over their body.

In case you're battling one-on-one, give the attempted and-tried close post complete a shot. They go in more than you'd anticipate.

Ownership based groups:

In FIFA 19, it very well may disappoint when your speedy assaults hold separating. Yet, recollect, a ton of the groups on offer like Man City and Bayern like to keep ownership and work their way up the pitch.

On the off chance that your passes prop up adrift because of the new Active Touch framework, take a stab at backing off your beat, reuse ownership and keep the ball until the point that you see an opening.

You'll have to make some unsafe passes in case you will score, yet being increasingly purposeful in your development can shield you from getting caught in your very own half and surrendering the ball too effortlessly.

Be cautious with second man press:

One last note on protecting. Like many individuals, I completely mishandled the second man press in FIFA 18, however it would seem that it has somewhat of a nerf this time around. The Legendary AI is able to do some satiny passing moves, so on the off chance that you find that your resistance keeps getting opened up consistently, have a go at dialing down the second man press (R1 on PS4).

Since your partner AI has been enhanced, you can confide in them to take up preferred positions over in past amusements. By all methods continue utilizing the press, yet in tight zones around the edge of your own zone it can prompt huge holes opening.

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