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FIFA 19 Top 10 Players With Strong Physical Fitness

After the official launch of FIFA 19, the official recently released the top ten list of "power" and "physical quality" data. FIFA 19 pointed out that the “power” data will reflect the success or failure of players in the air competition, interception and one-on-one confrontation. The players with high “power” index have the ability to shock the opponent on the court and benefit the team.

This period of "power" strongman continues to be dominated by the weight of 245 pounds heavyweight Akinfenwa, and in the top ten, half of the silver, copper card players, only four in the five major league teams, completely Highlights the "alternative" of "power" data in FIFA games.

Following the Akinfenwa in the top three is Czech center Tomas Chory and Costa Rican central defender Kendal Waston. In the five major leagues, the strongest person in the Premier League is Manchester United's Lukaku, Serie A is Coulibaly of Naples, Bundesliga is Bayern's Süle, and Ligue is Nantes' Mbodji.

FIFA 19 "Power" data top ten players:

1. Akinfenwa (Welcombe Wanderers)

2. Tomas Chory (Bai Xin Domainia)

3. Kendal Waston (Vancouver Whitewater)

4. Lukaku (Manchester United)

5. Felipe Melo de Carvalho (Huralunga)

6. Esiti (Ghent)

7. Coulibaly (Naples)

8. Süle (Bayern)

9. Mbodji (Nantes)

10. Sebastian Coates (Sporting Lisbon)

In addition to the "power" value, it is even more important to ignore the "physical quality" values listed in FIFA, which combines the three capabilities of strength, physical strength and jumping ability, and the actual combat capability is stronger. Among the top ten "physical" top players, only Tottenham defensive midfielder Wan Yama came from the Premier League. Last season's top ten of Fellaini, Pogba, Diego Costa and Kolašinac fell out. Out of the list.

According to the official rankings, there are four people whose "physical qualities" are stronger than the Brazilian "Hulk", including the World Cup champion France's defensive midfielder N'Zonzi.

FIFA 19 "Physical Quality" data top ten players:

1. Esiti (Ghent)

2. Dennis Hediger (Thun)

3. N'Zonzi (Rome)

4. Garrido (Cadis)

5. Hulk (Shanghai Shanggang)

6. Wanyama (Tottenham)

7. Kondogbia (Seville)

8. Juraj Kucka (Trabzon)

9. Marcelo Antonio (Lyon)

10.  Casemiro (Real Madrid)

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