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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Mode

2019-02-13 03:53

FIFA Ultimate Team mode (referred to as FUT mode) is the highlight of FIFA's game in recent years. According to statistics, the annual income of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode has exceeded the sales of FIFA game body.

Ultimate Team is the ultimate team or fantasy team. The basic gameplay is the game → earn money → buy cards such as picking players → form a stronger team and win more games. For FIFA players, the biggest charm of the FUT mode is to extract all kinds of star cards and build their ideal "Galaxy Fleet" to satisfy the players' desire to collect.

One of the biggest features of player cards in FUT mode is timeliness. As before, in FIFA 19, the official weekly selection of the best weekly lineup based on the performance of the players in the actual game, and the production of black cards for these players (Team of the Week referred to as TOTW), in addition to the unique In addition to the card face design, the ability of these players will also be improved. The player's numerical float is always followed by the latest data. This real-time, dynamic update mode allows the player to maintain a fresh sense of the game and increase the sense of substitution.

The card face design of the various player cards in the FUT mode has always been one of the topics that FUT players relish. This year, FIFA won the Champions League license, and naturally designed to add a new Champions League player card face.

In terms of probability of drawing cards, due to the laws and regulations of some countries and the impact of the gold purchases in Star Wars: Frontline 2 last year, EA disclosed the probability of card extraction in FIFA 19, making the probability of card is transparent. In addition, the probability of the card package in the store is dynamically changed in real time, and the time of the probability calculation can be viewed below the extraction probability interface.

Although EA is forced by the pressure of all parties to increase the card odds setting, it still can't change the game experience of the FUT mode.

The chemical reaction (the tacit system) is considered to be a very interesting system in the FUT mode. By matching the players of the same nationality, league, and club, the overall tacit understanding of the team can be improved to further enhance the player's performance on the court. This makes the team's composition take into account more factors, but also requires the player's planning and more fun to play.

In terms of personal chemistry style (tacit style), eating different chemical cards can change the player's attribute bonus. The value of the attribute bonus will now be displayed directly from the property details bar in the game, and the player does not have to go to the futbin to view it.

In the FUT mode of FIFA 19, the voting mechanism of the weekly competition has also changed. Players need to earn enough points to redeem the weekly tournament tickets to enter the weekly competition by participating in the new Division Rivals competition.

Division Rivals is divided into 10 levels (DIV), each level is divided into 5 grades. Players need to earn points to increase the grade by winning the competition. The higher the level and grade, the better the reward. The Rivals model rewards include card packs, gold coins, and points for weekly tournament tickets. Overall, it is similar to the ladder mechanism of general competitive online games.

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