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FIFA 19 UT Mode Cheap Forward Recommended

2019-02-13 06:02

Werner Gold Card

Werner can be said to be one of the most practical forwards for civilians in the Bundesliga.

The key is that he is the cheapest member of the inventory, only need 3,000 gold coins to get the bag!

The speed of up to 93 is Werner's strongest ability. The shooting in the penalty area can be said to be quite excellent, the flexibility is also good, and there is 83 good endurance.

The disadvantage is the lack of long-range ability and the weak body.

The offensive mentality H also makes Werner look energetic on the court!

According to statistics, Werner averaged 0.64 goals and 0.35 assists in FIFA19, and the performance was quite good!

Mandžukić Black Card

In FIFA19, Mandžukić is a forward player who belongs to the body flow. His biggest advantage on the court is that the body is particularly strong.

The total speed is 73, but the acceleration is only poor 69, the shot looks good, but the long shot is only 63, the belt is 78, but the key attribute flexibility is only 69.

These shortcomings make Mandžukić appear to be out of place in FIFA19, which is also the reason why his price is cheap.

But don't forget, Mandžukić is characterized by points and headers, head accuracy 95, bounce 87, strong 87, offensive enthusiasm 90, position sense 94, volley shot 90.

Such Mandžukić is particularly terrible in the penalty area. As long as it is used properly, Mandžukić will definitely be the goal machine in your team! The average goal was 0.67 and the assist was 0.3.

Higuaín Gold Card

Higuaín, which scores up to 88, costs only 5W and is close to the level of sbc.

The Higuaín attribute is actually good. Although the speed of 73 is not high, it is barely usable. The shooting is very good. Only the penalty is a weak point. The passing ability is weak. When the pole is used, it may be necessary to check it. The tape is general and strong. Very good, but endurance is a problem, only 70 stamina, it is difficult to support a 90-minute game, you need to have a substitute at any time.

In general, Higuaín is a strong forward, has a good shot and a strong body, when the physical strength is sufficient, he can even take advantage of the other defender to make a world wave, but the lack of endurance is his biggest shortcoming.

The average goal is 0.68, assists 0.3, the performance is still quite good, the team of Hao point can also consider starting as a substitute player!


The characteristics of the Mobile are very obvious, that is, speed and shooting.

And with its excellent feel, it is very suitable for novice players.

The price of 7W is also a very affordable price.

The total speed of 83, feels good, but the acceleration is only 78, the highest speed has reached 85.

It can be said that because Mobile is a suitable long-distance attack player, with his excellent shooting ability, is a very strong forward.

The disadvantage is that the passing is relatively poor, and the stamina is relatively insufficient. Although the endurance is only 75, it can still play a very good effect after strengthening with the chemical card.

The average goal is 0.69 and the assist is 0.32. It is very good, and it is the hottest player in this recommendation. Serie A players should not miss it.


The character of Icardi is basically an enhanced version of Manjukic.

Icardi gives a feeling of flexibility but a bit cumbersome.

The ability to shoot in the penalty area is unquestionable, and long-range shots need to be considered.

In terms of physical strength, a chemical card is required to adhere to the 90-minute period.

Overall, Icardi is still a very good forward, but feels hard and needs to get used to it.

Averaged 0.7 points per game and assisted by 0.31.


With the strong performance of Neymar and Mbabe, more and more teams are using Cavani to complete chemical coordination.

Cavani has a flat character but has a good shot and an endurance of up to 92. It is a good fit or endpoint in the penalty area.

The average score of 0.71 and assists of 0.33 is very good, but considering that Cavalry often has two powerful wingers Neymar and Mbape, this data seems to be a bit imaginary.

But in any case, Cavani is still the best forward player in addition to the legendary player, with Neymar and Mbape.

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