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FIFA19 Announced The Top 10 Player Ratings, Ronaldo And Messi Tied For First

Mero must be tied for first, this is undisputed! After all, the ultimate arrogance of today's football!

EA SPORTS announced the top 10 players in the FIFA19 game, with Ronaldo and Messi tied for first with a total score of 94, and Neymar 92 ranked third, Modric, De Braun, Aza Er, Ramos, and Suarez followed closely with the same rating of 91.

It is worth mentioning that compared with the previous generation of FIFA games, the overall rating of the Portuguese superstar has not changed, the data has basically not changed, but the position of the kick has changed from the left wing (LW) to the forward (ST). Although Messi's speed has declined, his overall score has increased a bit, and his position has changed from the right wing (RW) to the shadow forward (CF). This is also the first time that Mero has the same overall rating in the FIFA series. In the past, Messi or C Ronaldo was a little higher than the other.

Let's take a look at the other top 10 players. Modric and De Braun are the top midfielders in today's football. They are worthy of the 5-6th ranking (in fact, the overall rating is the same). Modric has scored 1 more than the previous version, while Debrune and Azar have scored 2 points.

Personally think that Suarez should be ranked before Ramos, of course, the Champions League should be a lot of points for Ramos. Cross should be ahead of Degea, perhaps because the German team's performance in the Russian World Cup has affected his rankings.

I have to admit that EA is really smart this time. Messi and Ronaldo are tied for the first time, thus avoiding the unprovoked controversy of Messi fans. Since this game is endorsed by C Ronaldo, it is understandable to deliberately put him in front. Everyone can play this game together happily, why not?

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