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FIFA19: Intuitively Understand The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multi-Platform

The good days of ballplayers are coming, if you use four words to describe "FIFA19" must be "unprecedented." The unprecedented Champions League authorization and grand promo, unprecedented UT mode to join the Super League players, such "FIFA19" polished through the World Cup year, of course, the fineness is also unprecedented! When you control the players in the series of new works in the battlefield, "This is the opportunity you prove to the world", ask which blood man does not have his own competitive dream? And the world's first ball video game can satisfy you!

For some of the old players in the "FIFA" series, they have already ordered, they have their own familiar platform to experience the game. And some new players can't help but choose a phobia. Is it a good PC or a good host? Is the XBOX ONE or PS4 selected in the mainframe? No hurry, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. But first of all, it is important to mention that according to the media report "FIFA19" is the series "the most luxurious work", it is not difficult to speculate that the number of players in this generation will reach a new peak. It also includes Chinese players, because it is said that the Super League and the Champions League have already "joined the luxury package."

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of multiple platforms

Choosing a game definitely chooses the platform first. There is no best, only the one that suits you. Let's talk about the PC version of "FIFA19". EA's "series of gold" is not on STEAM. EA also has its own platform "orange", so this is also worth considering. Many players will retreat without STEAM.

Advantages of the PC version: The picture quality is good, and the performance of different machines is naturally different. And EA members can experience new work in advance, this is very important, after all, everyone wants to win at the starting line... Green points(recharge currency, in order to open the card package) is also relatively cheaper, spend less money to get more card packs, in theory, the probability of a top player such as Ronaldo, Messi is much higher.

PC version disadvantages: Players of the previous PC version have no host (PS4) players, and online people are also very unstable, but this year the number is definitely skyrocketing. There are more people coming up, and the PC version has plug-ins. On the one hand, the power of the PC development environment to the user is infinite, resulting in a low cost of making various gadgets for hanging money. On the other hand, the appearance of high-end plug-ins has disrupted the game market, and inflation has always existed on the PC.

Advantages of the host version: The advantage of the PS4/XBOX ONE is that there are many players, the game is stable and there will be no problems such as error reporting, and the BUG is even less. Even if there is, the player will not only ban the EA account but also BAN along with the host ID. So stability is the biggest advantage of the host. All that's left is to lie on the sofa and hold the handle against the oversized screen, which is also an advantage.

Host version disadvantage: PS4 games are the most expensive in the same ladder host (not including SWITCH), while XBOX ONE is relatively cheaper. If you compare PCs, they have no advantage. And the host's network is also harder than the PC, which makes many players have a headache.

Finally, I recommend it. Personally, as long as the host is perfecting the network or the main push, aside from the price/performance ratio of the first game, the game is stable and the players are the big premise. And those practical fancy moves also require a rocker, and the keyboard is difficult to fully realize. For example, the five-star action is used to stop the ball on the instep: press and hold the L2+ direction button + false shot, so the cumbersome action keyboard is very difficult.

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