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FIFA19: Manchester United Reproduces Strong Data From The Previous Year

2019-02-13 03:59

This year, Manchester United's starting goalkeeper Degea surpassed Bayern goalkeeper Neuer as the highest scorer in FIFA19. It is a pity that the substitute goalkeepers Li Grant and Romero, although excellent in technique and performance, have a poor score.

On the guard side, Manchester United's defensive players since Ferguson’s retirement seem to have nothing outstanding. In order to consolidate the defense, Manchester United has introduced a number of defenders at high prices in recent years, including Bailly, Rojo,  Lindelöf and others, but unfortunately still has not found the best defensive lineup. This major issue is believed to be seen in this year's score.

In the midfield, Manchester United's midfield is definitely not to be underestimated. From the action-packed Pogba to the relentless Herrera, there are all kinds of players, and what can be achieved in the midfield. Therefore, Manchester United will arrange some formations of more midfielders, such as 3-5-2 and 4-2-3-1, most of the time. In addition, the Manchester United midfielder is not afraid of lack of time, you can see a lot of young players with a promising future waiting for the upper position.

For the forwards, Manchester United only scored 10 goals in the first seven games of the season, but their forward ability is not lacking at all: tall and mighty Lukaku, spirited Sánchez, smart Martial and young and energetic Rashford is even qualified to be the world's strongest frontcourt configuration. But unfortunately, under the leadership of defensive head coach Mourinho, they can only show their true strength from counterattack. However, the play in FIFA19 is controlled by the player, so I hope this frontcourt can be reused by the players.

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