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FIFA19 New Features Summary

FIFA 19 adds some new features or changes to FIFA 18. Here are some new changes to the game mode.

Important additions/modifications

1. The second mark function

There will be a smaller gray arrow in FIFA 19 pointing to the head of the non-master player.

This is called the second mark, and if you press the correct button it will switch to the second marker player for control.

Just click on L1/LB and it will make our operation more convenient and the tactics become more predictable and maneuverable.

2. No ball running mechanism

In a game, you will be able to choose how the AI teammates will run without the ball when you control the ball.

In addition, there are unique options for different scenarios.

For example, you might want a fast left-back and winger position to overlap, or a right-back pass that can accurately shoot.

This level of control will add some tactical depth to the game, and the new running mode will mean that the winger will not stupidly lose the position because of your "full attack" command.

Other defenders can now actively look for opponents to try to tackle. Player-controlled players are free to join or chase off-ball runners instead of colliding like headless flies.

3.The timing of the shooting system

The new modification of the limited-time precision shooting system is to play a small game that is proportional to the risk and return of the player. It requires an excellent time.

Players can take the risk of pressing the two-shot button to trigger the "time-limited precision shooting system" and grasp the opportunity to complete the powerful shot.

Ordinary shots have not changed, or they are shot once, but they may not be accurate and easy to be biased.

Timing shots need to be pressed 2 times, the first time, the second time. It is important to press the second time, not too early/late.

The training mode can be turned on and there will be a power slot on the player's head. If you are operating accurately, there will be a “Great Timing!” prompt.

After the training mode is turned off, the prompt disappears. But you can observe the small triangle on the player's head. When the timing of the shot is perfect, the outline of the triangle will turn green.

Timing shots are suitable for all forms of shooting: headers, volleys, slaps, and even barbs. The higher the difficulty of shooting, the easier it is to make mistakes.

The timing shot is a new shooting system that FIFA 19 has joined. It is actually the kind of shot that has been used by everyone in the previous generation. The shot is pressed twice. In this work, EA systemizes and gives the opportunity to shoot. The name, in the face of such changes, even a lot of old players are somewhat at a loss.

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