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FIFA19 News: Real Madrid New Aid To Join

FIFA19 Real Madrid new aid to join this 29th boy has come.

With the release of FIFA19 on September 28th, there is more and more information about the work. Because of the real simulation of football, the player modeling is also realistic. According to Weibo's news, in FIFA19, Real Madrid's Vazquez, Vallejo, Asencio, and Special Olympics all have real faces.

These Real Madrid stars are wearing the second away team uniform of the 18th to the 19th season.

It has been confirmed in the FIFA19 that the 16 teams of the Chinese Super League will be included, and some well-known players of the Chinese Super League also have face collection who is Hulk and Wu Lei of Shanghai Shanghai Port.

In addition to collecting real player information, FIFA19 also joined a player from Real Madrid, named: Alex Hunter  and Real Madrid official microblogging voiced: "New jersey, new player, welcome to join the Galaxy battleship, Alex Hunter ". You can see that the player is wearing a Real Madrid jersey.

And Real Madrid's official online store soon put on Alex Hunter's No. 29 jersey, it seems that this is very nice.

However, after reviewing some information, there is no news for this new aid from Real Madrid. Is this time Real Madrid is making international jokes?

Who is Alex Hunter of Real Madrid? In fact, he is just a virtual football character.

In the previous "FIFA17", Alex Hunter was the first player in the story mode, and the mixed-race young player finally entered the Premier League and realized an inspirational story.

In "FIFA18", Alex Hunter also appeared. In "FIFA18", Alex Hunter joined the Los Angeles Galaxy of the Major League Soccer. This team used to have played for Beckham and other stars.

At that time, the Los Angeles Galaxy announced the production of a jersey for Alex Hunter, the jersey number is 29.

Come to FIFA19, this time Alex Hunter will wear the Real Madrid team jersey. And the official even introduced: height of 1 meter 81, weight 75 kg, right foot player, born on July 6, 1999, Londoners.

However, this is not the first virtual character to sell a jersey. In "Football Manager", an imaginary legend named Ivica Strok has numerous fans and donated part of the jersey income to a mental health charity.

With real-life characters and virtual football characters, I hope that FIFA19 will bring a better football game experience.

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