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FIFA19 Premier League Ability Value Top 10 Midfielders

Recently, the ability value of FIFA19 players has been announced. The Premier League is the most watched league, and its player's ability value is more hated by fans. The midfielder is the team's offensive and defensive hub. A good midfielder can be said to be the soul of a team. Let's take a look at the top ten midfielders of the Premier League's FIFA19 ability.

De Bruyne 91 (DRI:87, SHO:86, PAS:92, PHY:78), Manchester City, the undisputed first, with the eye-eye system, both left, and right feet can pass and long shots, is another after Arsenal's third brother The center of the midfield is very uniform, he will be the most reliant player of Guardiola.

Kanter 89 (PAC:80, DRI:81, DEF:87, PHY:84), Chelsea, there is no hurdle to go, only cannot go to Kanter, the highest hall of defensive stealing art, if you are more confident, is the world's first waist, is the Blue Army Guarantee of results.

David Silva 89 (DRI:91, PAS:87, SHO:74), Manchester City, one of Gua Shuai's dual-core processors, now withdraws from the national team and concentrates on fighting for Manchester City. The main task of Gua Shuai is the Champions League. Silva’s passing will be a killer.

Pogba 88 (DRI:85, SHO:79, PAS:86, PHY:87), Manchester United, the Red Devils only handsome, but incompatible with Mourinho's tactics, France's Pogba is world class, Manchester United's Pogba is At the intercontinental level, if Mu Shuai does not use Pogba , Manchester United's offense will be difficult.

Eriksson 88 (DRI:86, PAS:89, SHO:82), Tottenham, is the team's low-key master and is a player who can score long-range from the left and right feet. Each of the four balls is the thigh of Denmark. He and Tintin will be the successors of the future master midfielder.

Özil 86 (DRI:84, PAS:86), Arsenal, once the European assists king, now withdraw from the German national team, passing the ball is ecstasy, the defense is very ruining, this is the biggest evaluation of Özil.

Fernandinho 86 (DRI:79, DEF:83, PAS:78, PHY:79), Manchester City, the blue moon's iron waste, playing in the melon handsome system, but the age is already high, Manchester City does not have the right Substitute, he will be the biggest crisis in Manchester City.

Matić 86 (DEF:83, PHY:83), Manchester United, Red Devils iron waste, defensive confrontation are very good, is the protection of the Red Devils midfield interception.

Fabiano 85 (DEF:84, PHY:84), Liverpool, to join the army this summer, need time to integrate into the Red Army system, in the performance of Ligue 1, defensive and physical confrontation are good.

Moussa-Démbele 84 (DRI:87, PHY:82), Tottenham, excellent physical fitness, outstanding ball control ability, body flexibility and excellent, have a strong breakthrough ability.

The above is the ability value of the top ten midfielders in the Premier League. Are you satisfied with the data of FIFA19? Do you have different opinions?

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