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FIFA19 SQB Mode Legendary Computer Tactics Recommendation

2019-02-13 06:03

The FIFA19 SQB mode is an important source for players to obtain gold coins and card packs. By challenging the computer-controlled team, they will continue to earn points to get better rewards.

The higher the difficulty of the AI, the higher the score will be. The more goals you score, the higher your points will be.

To stay in the weekend for 30 games, SQB is bound to miss a few games, and to easily get the SQB legendary evaluation, you must challenge the relatively high difficulty to achieve.

In general, the legendary difficulty is the most suitable for the player to challenge, because the legendary difficulty AI is not much different from the world level, the score is 500 higher than the world level, and the AI goalkeeper under the ultimate difficulty is like a god, want to occasionally score big points. Winning a high score reward is obviously not realistic.


To better challenge the legendary AI, it is critical to choose a lineup that suits you.

Since we are playing the control tactics, we need to control the ball in the midfield so as to ensure our offensive efficiency.

Therefore, it is recommended that the midfielder is more intensive with the tactics of 41212(2) and 4231.

Tactical setting

Set all 6 grids, defensive and offensive are set to balance, friends who like to play the side, you can set the width to 8 grid when using 41212

Specific instruction

ST does not return to the defense, sneak into the rear, stay in the middle, CAM sneak into the rear, CDM attack after staying (4231 can consider one on the other), the back guards stay after the attack (set the back guard will still come to assist, but the efficiency will improve ), shingled attack.


Set the tactics, let's talk about actual countermeasures.

The legendary AI defensive feature is that it likes to block the player's passing line, and the player who takes the ball for more than 2 seconds is forced to grab, the defender is fiercely intercepted, and the interception is never fouled.

For the characteristics of the legendary AI defense, our countermeasures are to increase the number of midfielders, make more choices for passing, and move forward through short passes and teamwork. When we reach the penalty area, we will have 4 to 5 offenses. When the player is going to fall, if it is dangerous, it can be properly passed back to the fullback and the back.

Press L1 to make the offensive player's fork in time, but don't rush to pass the ball, patiently look for opportunities, and wait for the AI defensive player to have a hole in the hole! Got a goal.

This tactic highlights one feature, that is, stability, try not to let the legendary AI have too much time to hold the ball, because the legendary AI will be difficult to break the ball when attacking, and will waste time repeatedly, resulting in a significant reduction in our offensive time. .

And as long as we keep the ball, the right to attack is still tightly held in our hands, don't rush to the bottom, the chance of passing the goal through the bottom is very low, generally, I will not play against the legendary AI. Select the bottom pass, the side will generally choose to cooperate with the full-back to carry out two or one passes and return the ball back to the middle.

When we have a chance to fight back, I will let the striker protect the ball and other offensive players. I know that it is very difficult to break through the legendary AI. Don't try it out indiscriminately.

Three tips for passing control:

1. The ball passes directly when the ball is about 3 players.

2. Don't pass the ball behind.

3. Think of the response from the players before passing the ball.

These three points seem simple, but it is difficult to perform perfectly, and you need to work harder.

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