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Goal Expects FIFA19 To Be Released On Xbox And PS4 Platforms On September 13th

FIFA 19 made great publicity before the release. The innovation of career mode and the development of some new features made FIFA 19 a hot topic for players. Goal expects the FIFA19 demo version to be on Xbox on September 13th. The One and PlayStation 4 platforms are released first, and the full version has been announced to be available for sale on September 28.

FIFA19 will be unveiled at the Berlin Game Show on September 7. Players will be able to see his true feelings and see if the previous guesses are realized. The trial version is expected to have Atletico, Bayern, Dortmund, Juventus, Manchester City, Manchester United, PSG, Real Madrid, and Tottenham. The demo version of FIFA18 also includes the teams of the US, Argentina, Mexico, and Japan. In view of the fact that this year's Super League has joined the FIFA game for the first time, EA may also add it to the demo version. Of course, the demo version only offers a 4-minute friendly game mode. Although there is only a four-minute friendship show, you can see a lot of content from these four minutes. So whether FIFA 19 meets the expectations of gamers, it depends on the comments of gamers after the demo.

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