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How to Count FIFA 19 Squad Battle Points?

Points = ("Complete Completion" + "Competition Results" + "Skills Reward") x "Difficulty Reward" + "Goal". The fractional part is rounded off.

"Goal" = "Your goal number and the smaller value of 5" * 160. This one is relatively simple.

More complicated are the "competition completion" and "skill reward".

"Complete the game" = "Party lineup score (total rating)" * 3 + "Party lineup tacit (chemical reaction)" * 0.5

To play this opponent, you will get a "Complete Completion" score equal to: 69 * 3 + 42 * 0.5 = 228.

Skills Rewardis very complicated, but there are intuitive calculation formulas in the game, which is the skill rewardin the post-game rewards:

Skills Reward= Skills Reward= the sum of 12 small items.

For example:

"Goal" = your number of goals * 40, the highest is 200;

"Foul" = your number of fouls * (-5), I do not know if there is a minimum value;

"Best Player of the World" = 15 (if MVP is your player) or 0 (if MVP is the opponent);

"Passing accuracy %" = your passing accuracy * 100, the highest is 80;

"ball control rate" = your ball control rate * 100, the highest is 60;

"Successful steals" = the number of successful steals, I don't know if there is a maximum value;

"Corner" = your number of corners * 5, the highest is 50;

"Shooting positive" = your shot hits the target number * 5, the highest is 50;

"Red and yellow cards" = your red card number * (-?) + your yellow card number * (-10), I do not know if there is a minimum value. (?=50 or 60.);

"Callball" = your number of goals lost (-20), I don't know if there is a minimum value;

"Zero seal" = 75 (if your number of goals is 0) or 0 (if your number of goals is not 0);

"Offside" = your Vietnamese digit x (-1), I do not know if there is a minimum value;

In other words, the so-called "shooting is more than 10 feet, the ball rate is over 60%, and the corner ball is more than 10 points," is completely wrong. On the contrary, when the corner kick is less than 10, you can get a "difficulty bonus" x5 bonus for every corner kick, but if you have already got 10 corner kicks, you will get a corner kick instead of adding points. .

How to get the highest possible points

1. Choose the highest difficulty you can win.

2. Before entering 5 goals, try to score as many goals as possible and make sure you don't lose the ball.

(Each one ball, get the score is 160 + "difficulty reward" * 40; lose the first ball, the loss points are "difficulty reward" * 95; continue to concede, the loss of each ball is "difficulty reward" * 20)

3. If you have already scored 5 goals, you can continue to improve your score by means of the reverse foot (passing pass accuracy and ball control rate) or long shot (brushing positive and angular ball count). (Recommended to fall, because the foot also reduces the risk of losing the ball and eating cards)

4. Avoid to get red cards.

5. If the number of goals is less than 5 and you have lost the ball, you don't have to care too much to continue to lose the ball. If you can guarantee a goal to win in overtime, you can even deliberately concede the ball and tie in within 90 minutes.

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