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How to Play FIFA 19 Mad Dog Mode?

2019-02-13 03:42


After the anti-high pressure, attack the long ball, the width is selected, all indicators are pulled to 70%-80%, then the player instructs to actively fight, stay forward, get in behind.

The selection speed is fast, the strength is high, the physical strength is good (very important), the aggression is high, the direct plug is out of the ball, the person is in the other half, the ai will automatically break the opposite ball, the d4 basic 1-2 field can cause the opposite goalkeeper to defend the mistake One day.

Then is to pre-judgment the shovel in advance, not afraid of fouls, the yellow card has just changed the midfield, the midfielder changed the three yellow cards with poor physical strength, replaced the two speed dogs with a big man, and left the copper card.


After the four defenders changed, it was Dalbert, Mendi, Juan Fran, Bellerin, and the two defenders filled the shadows with chemistry, so they were almost 99 speeds.

Substitution is generally reserved for a midfielder, Moussa and Valdi, midfielder Taliska, remember to take the 70-minute initiative to eat without a yellow card, the midfielder to eat the opposite position to get the ball in fact, you are cheap, The physical strength behind the opposite side is also poor, the big opportunity causes mistakes and counterattacks, and there is a chance to hurt the opposite. It is also important to be irritated and forced to join the mad dog on the opposite side. Let the opposite mentality collapse or play with you in an unfamiliar way. The odds are big.

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