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How to Reduce FIFA 19 PC Side Latency?

2019-02-13 04:56

In the FIFA 19 game process, many players will encounter the phenomenon of network delay. No matter how optimized, it will not have much effect, resulting in poor game experience. Today, we bring FIFA 19 PC-side delay reduction strategy.

PC end delay reduction method
The first part of the delay analysis
(1) FIFA 19 online mechanism
At the beginning of FIFA 19, all online modes become P2S mode, which is the server mode. When online, first create an online zone, then match the online zone to match other players in the current zone. The data exchange between the two is This is done on the midrange server, which is the main reason for the delay. Because there is no server in the country, the nearest servers in the mainland are in Hong Kong and Japan, and there is a delay due to the influence of the firewall.
(2) FIFA 19 delay composition
The FIFA 19 delay is divided into two parts: geographic delay and network delay. If both parts are solved, it is 0 delay (completely no card). If one is solved, the delay speed of 30-60MS can be achieved, although it will feel worse than stand-alone. But it can be safe to play (just like the South China area where you play OL4 in Shanghai). If you don't solve it, you can hardly play it. The card is dropped and delayed for 1s. This is also the purpose of this post.
Geographical delay: As the name implies, the distance between your local network and the server. For example, Guangzhou Shenzhen is close to Hong Kong servers, while Dalian Heilongjiang is far from Hong Kong servers. If both players have Hong Kong servers, players in Guangzhou and Shenzhen Not card. Players in the Heilongjiang area of Dalian are very card. On the contrary, if even the Japanese server, the players in Guangzhou and Shenzhen will compare cards, the players in Dalian Heilongjiang will not be relatively free. Geographic delays can only be solved by moving, so we won't discuss here, we discuss solving network delays.
Network delay: The network delay is actually very wide. Here, it is divided into download speed and uplink speed. For this kind of online game that needs to establish contact with the server and exchange data and process, download speed and uplink speed are very important. Many players have one. Good network, but not set up, download or upload a substandard, there will be a serious delay.
(3) Speed measuring software
Before following the debugging of this post, you can first test your own network speed to see if it meets the corresponding network speed promised by the network operator.
(4) Delay caused by the condition of the network equipment
The network speed of an important factor of delay is for the home network, and the network speed is composed of a network cable, a router, a light cat, and a network card of the computer itself.
These four things are indispensable in the process of your network speed.
for example:
For example, your home network is 200MB, but your router does not support 200MB, then your network can never reach 200MB.
For example, your home network is 200MB, but your computer does not have a Gigabit network card, then your network can never reach 200MB.
For example, your home network is 200MB, but your light cat interface is not working, not up to standard, then it can not reach 200MB.
For example, your home network is 200MB, but the network cable you use (here as possible with the network cable because it is fast) can not transport so much data, can not reach 200MB.
Therefore, when analyzing the network reasons, many people will appear, why my network is obviously 100-200MB, but how to do this card, I feel that I have not reached the actual speed, it may be that you have one of the above non-compliance, here's the solution (recommended to find the network After the operator's after-sales service, I will help you to check which one is not up to the standard.
(5) Delay caused by computer settings
In the computer settings, you can improve the delay by performing some operations in the run bar. In fact, it is to improve the upload speed and download speed. As will be explained in detail below, here is a simple case. First, you need to solve the problem on your hardware. The debugging is useful, otherwise it will be in vain.
The second part of the hardware part of the delay and the solution
(1) Use network cable as much as possible, no WIFI
Even if it is used in the Gigabit router, with WIFI released, the computer accepts, this speed is still far more directly connected to the computer than the Internet cable. Because the first Gigabit LAN card of the computer supports wired, and the signal released by WIFI can not play the full performance of the network card.
Buy a good network cable and connect the network cable directly to the computer. This does not affect the WIFI time, but it will greatly increase the download speed of the computer.
(2) Check if the network card of the computer itself is qualified
The computer itself comes with a network card, and the network card accepts data from the network cable/WIFI to complete the Internet access. In general, wireless network cards are not fast, unless you are a hardcore player (so this is why the PC uses the network cable as much as possible). The wired network card is also divided into Gigabit network cards. As the name suggests, only your computer itself is a Gigabit network card. Your 100M network can make the best use of it, otherwise you will debug the network, router, optical cat and network cable. Your internet speed is still not fast, so you need to check your network card.
(3) Check the router and the light cat
The router and the light cat act like a transformer and act as a relay station. Many home network delays are caused by routers or light cats. I recommend that you call the corresponding network operator to solve the problem. Telecom is looking for telecommunications, China Unicom is looking for China Unicom, mobile is looking for mobile, and professional people come to the house to see. I know that I don't need to change it.
If all of the above are up to standard, you can use the speed measurement software to measure the speed. If you have one or two of the previous non-standards, and now reach the standard, then your speed will be significantly improved.
The third part of the software debugging part
(1) Release speed limit
After the hardware is fixed, if your network speed increase is still not obvious, then you need to debug and debug the computer's own settings. The first is the limitation of the speed of contact with the network. Specific steps are as follows.
This operation can remove the bandwidth limit and can increase the network speed by 5%-20%.
(2) Accelerator settings
Accelerators are not recommended here. Qiyou, uu, and 8lag can all be used, with 8lag as an example. There are a lot of 8lag acceleration points, but when choosing an acceleration point, follow the regional principle. This means that some nodes are very slow, probably single digit MS, but still very card, because these regional nodes will hang your FIFA 19 to other areas.
After the actual measurement, Beijing (including) south of the region, including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Anhui, will not match the "Central Asia" region, if it matches "North Asia, any, North America is very card", so choose nodes Very important, for example, Jiangsu Telecom has the lowest node delay, but after selecting the Jiangsu Telecom node, the game is automatically assigned to the North Asia region, playing is still very card. So even in Anhui, I chose the South China node. Although the delay is higher than the Jiangsu node, I was assigned to Central Asia in the game and it was very smooth.
How to find the area of FIFA 19
1. Enter the professional club mode of FIFA 19;
2. Create a new character;
3. Select “Join the club”, then a search interface will appear, and the matching principle will be displayed on the right side of the screen;
4. There is an area in the matching principle to see if you are in Central Asia. If it is not Central Asia, change the node until you switch to Central Asia.
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