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Only Messi Knows The Greatness Of Cristiano Ronaldo?

C Ronaldo left Real Madrid this summer, but Ramos said that "no C Ronaldo can still win the championship." The new season Bell and Benzema also ushered in an outbreak, it seems that Real Madrid fans have gradually forgotten Ronaldo. However, Messi pointed out in an interview that without Ronaldo, Real Madrid's chances of winning the Champions League again fell significantly.


C Ronaldo is the Champion League historical shooter king.

C Ronaldo is the Champion League history striker. He has won the Champions League Golden Boot Award seven times. Although he did not start well in Juventus, he suffered three league ball shortages. However, Ronaldo's scoring ability never needs to be questioned, and the Champions League has not yet begun. In this event called "C Ronaldo", the president never misses the goal.

Messi understands the value of Ronaldo

So Messi said when Ronaldo left the team: "Real Madrid is one of the best clubs in the world and has very good players. But Ronaldo’s departure has greatly reduced their chances of winning the Champions League, but Juventus Become a big hit."


Messi vows to win the Champions League

In other words, Messi believes that losing Real Madrid's Real Madrid is no longer capable of dominating in the Champions League, and fleas are also clear. In the new season Champions League, Juventus with Ronaldo will become the main opponent of Barcelona's title, but he still Confidence: "We have a fantastic team. It is time for Barcelona to win the Champions League."


Messi last season data horror

Western media analysis, Messi is so eager to win the Champions League, I am afraid that because the gold content of La Liga and the King's Cup is far from comparable to the Champions League. Last season, Messi led Barcelona to win the double crown, personal 64 games and scored 52 goals to send 21 assists, but did not even enter the top three FIFA Player of the Year! There are also netizens teasing that Messi's La Liga + King's Cup won into a plastic cup last season. To be competitive enough in the Golden Globe and FIFA Best of the Year awards, the Champions League is clearly more convincing.

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