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Real Madrid score: Ronaldo is the MVP

06:45pm on 19th April UK,the season of 2016-2017 will hold UEFA Champions League 1/4 finals round ushered in a focus of the war.Defending champion Real Madird against with the monitor of FA Bayern Munich. Lewandowski scored by penalty kick,Ronaldo leveled the score, Ramos went wrong,Vidal was red-carded,Bayern defeated Real Madrid in first 90 minutes with 2-1.After 2 rounds,the two team tied the total score of 3-3.In extra time,Real Madrid turned the table 4-2 by Ronaldo’s hat-trcik,Asensio scored,won opponent by total score 6-3.This is the 7th season that Real Madrid entered the half of UEFA Champions League.The following is the galactic bettleship’s rank in this match:

Navas(6):.In the whole match only did once save,Ramos went wrong by himself,but the main duty till belongs to Nacas.

Daniel Carvajal (7):Compeleted 4 steals ,1 tackle and 1 clear in total,in addition,blocking off 1 shoot to freeze Ribery,having an active cross performance in first half

Jose Ignacio(7): Turn arounds to mark Lewandowski with Ramos, doesn’t make big mistakes.2 steals,4 tackles and 2 clears ,besides 1 block ,his performance is better than Ramos.

Ramos(6):Make mistake then correct.Ramos went wrong making Real Madird trapped in danger almost.But in extra time, assists Ronaldo break.Amazing 7 times the rescue ,frozen Lewandowski, make Bayern’s cross all in vain.  

Marcelo Vieira da Silva Junior(9):1 steals,1 tackle,1 clear,2 blocks ,1 ward Thiago’s shoot off, even 1 clear on door line.But all of above is no more important than the last moment pass a few people ,assists Ronaldo.


Carlos Henrique Casemiro(7):Sent to the Robben penalty,he should be sent off compared with Vidal.As a midfielder,his performance is so general in this match.

Toni Kroos(8):72 passes, the success rate of pass in 95.8%.alomost fight to the injured. Face to old bos ,4 key passes,7 cross,the first halfof the 3 stickers to cut long-shoot,unfortunately ,no goals.


Lucas Vázquez:(6):His performance is less than Kroos, completed 2 key passes and 2 crosses.

Isco(7):No key pass,his performance is lower than predicted.He may at last weekend spent too much energy on Real Sporting de Gijón ,resulting in his physical decline.


Ronaldo(9):The first person of the UEAF Champions League 100th ball.2 rounds,5 times to broke Beyrn’s door,Real Madird cut the first hero.

Benzema (5):The performance of the general only 1 shot,did not help Real Madrid create a threat to the opportunity.

Marco Asensio (7):Continuation of the last of a magic show,the last moment completely beheaded Beyern.

Lucas Vázquez (5):The 2 shot of right side to make not small threat,but did not make the goal.

Mateo Kovacic(5):Attend at the last moment aims at strengthen defense.

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