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Step by Step Instructions to Defend Crosses in FIFA 19

2019-06-11 01:59

Crosses can be savage in FIFA 19, if not protected effectively that is. Realizing how to stop an assaulting play in its tracks is colossally significant, and there's nobody stop solution for each sort of cross you'll be experiencing. We've recorded some inside and out great tips to remember while protecting crosses in FIFA 19.


Halting a through ball cross to a winger - When a rival is progressing towards objective, an exemplary move will be one their wingers cause a keep running up either wing to acknowledge a through ball pass. Hold R1/RB to get a second safeguard to begin moving towards the beneficiary, at that point change to them utilizing the correct stick. You'll at that point need to begin moving towards the corner banner, filling the space where the aggressor is hoping to run. This will provoke the player under lock and key to endeavor a go rather, which you can without much of a stretch shut down.


Winning headers - When an adversary is going to cross the ball into the territory from the wing, ensure you have the player nearest to the crosser chose, until the ball is whipped in. Hold R1/RB and have a safeguard inside the crate begin moving towards the collector. Change to this protector and press nothing, until the ball begins to plunge towards the two players close where the cross will arrive. Now, move the left stick toward the path that the ball is voyaging, and hit the shoot catch. Your protector will thump the ball behind, or clear it totally.


FIFA 19 Defending Controls

While taking the tips we've sketched out above to heart will enable you to guard better in FIFA 19, it'll all be useless on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea about the controls. To enable you to out, we've recorded the FIFA 19 Defensive Controls underneath:

Change Player - L1/LB

Switch Player (manual) - Right Stick + Direction

Handle/Push or Pull (when Chasing) - Circle/B

Slide Tackle - Square/X

Freedom - Circle/B

Racer/Grab and Hold - L2/LT

Contain - X/A (Press and Hold)

Draw and Hold (While Chasing) - Circle (Press and Hold)

Fast Get Up (After Slide Tackle) - Square/X

Connect with Shielding Opponent - L2/LT + Left Stick Towards Shielding Dribbler

Surge Goalkeeper Out - Triangle/Y (Press and Hold)

Move Goalkeeper - R3 (Press and Hold + Right Stick Direction)

GK Cover Far Post - R3 (Press and Hold)

Change to GK - Press Track Pad

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