Bonus Coins

How To Get?

Tactics to Start FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Mode

1. Use EA members to enter the game as soon as possible

Xbox One and PC platforms can purchase EA members and start the game ahead of time. You can play the game to earn FIFA coins, and you can also trade.

2. Use FIFA 19 Web App

Please use the FIFA 19 Web App to start your new UT tour. If you have played UT mode before, then you can't miss it.

(1) Charge "return to the player pack"

When you first log in, you will receive a "Return to Player Pack" to reward your loyalty to FIFA UT. The higher the loyalty (the higher the EA account level), the higher the value of the package (of course there is a ceiling). You can also receive the "UT Starter Pack", which contains 30 players and other items that can be used to build the most basic UT lineup.

Players who open can be used to complete a simple SBC, better than direct QS.

(2) Receive daily gift packs

After FIFA 19 is officially released, EA will send a gift bag daily for a period of time, giving players, items or coins. If you can trade, sell ordinary players and items in exchange for FIFA coins for trading or investment. You can log in to the web app or mobile app to get it.

(3) Draw cards with FIFA coins

In the early days of the game, especially in the days before the web app was just opened, the card can really make you earn more coins in a short time.

3.EA official props

Use the EA account points to purchase items in the EA Store (EASFC):

FUT Coins Reward Boost adds gold coins after each match. First buy a high level, gold coins added more. It is recommended to buy one by one, use one to buy one. I have bought all of them before, but some FIFA coins are not added or added. This is the best result for EA members to enter the game 10 hours in advance.

The transfer quota increase tool, from 30 to 100, helps trade.

Transfer target increase tool.

Various footballs and uniforms are available for trading.

More cheap FIFA coins, FUT coins can be bought on FIFACOINSZONE.com.

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