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The Midfielder of Premier League recommended (C)

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Under Pochettino’s lead,this young army after 28-round matches,owned 59 points, on the second of the leaderboard. Kahn,Eriksson,Heung-Min Son and Ali on front-court,all of them make every defenders confuse.In last season,their lost goals are same to Chelsea,the famous as defense football team,only 21. There are good 2 midfielders of Tottenham should be recommended to you.


Played for Beerschot Germinal Antwerpen ,then transferred to Willem II Tilburg,in 2005-06 season,he joined to Alkmaar Zaanstreek, in the club he gained five leagues’ interests, in August 18,2010,he sighed by Fulham with £ 5 milloin,started his Premier’s journey.After Hotspur selling the midfield core, Modric ,to Real Madrid,they treated Dembélé as the replacer,and signed this midfielder genius with £ 15 million in August 29,2012.

At first,Dembélé was striker,then he has been transformed a midfielder.So his feet technics are quite outstanding,the ability of trap and dribbling are equal to front-court players,only the ball under his feet,the ball won’t lose. “There are too many excellent midfielders,such as Vermaelen,Vertonghen,or someone else,but Iwould like to say Dembélé is the real genius,I have no more word to say his dribbling,I ever saw he dribbled past Kompany easily,that made Kompany like a idiot” when Sonck talked about Belgium’s powerful players.

In FIFA 17,Dembélé has 4-star fancy no surprisingly,this add a midfield choice to someone who like fancy.But his mentality of defense and attack is medium,that’s not so perfect,fortunately his speed is good,in addition to his distinctive physical strength,body and model,all of these make him become a high appearance rate midfielder.No matter the set of Premier League or mixes Belgium with others,Dembélé must be a good choice!

Victor Wanyama

He was born in Nairobi,the capital of Kenya,his first team was Beerschot. Showed his talent in Beerschot and signed by Celtic with 9 million. In his first season, he won the league champion, and the second season vs. Barca . he was known well by his good performances. He joined Southampton Football Club in 2013 and ever worked with Pochettino,the current Hotspur coach.He won Pochetiino’s praise and June 24,2016, Hotspur official announced that signed up Southampton’s midfielder, Wanyama till 2021.Strong body and give huge pressure to opponents, even play in center back. In every game, he is treated as the “monster midfielder”.

As a traditional midfielder,Wanyama has a mystyon “high defense” mentality, while outstanding body data and model are so that he can take advantage in the midfield confrontation. But his low speed due to the data of flexibility and passing are poor, those causes make him have a low appearance rate in UT model. But for general gamers or early stage, Wanyama is still a good midfielder.