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The Midfielder of Premier League recommended(D)

Manchester City Football Club

Here also are two midfielders to recommend: Fernandio and Toure


The Brazilian midfielder when he was in Paranaense he had been well known and played there for 4 years,72 league matches, 14 goals. In 2005, Donetsk dug him to Ukrainian, played 184 matches, scored 31 ,won the 6 Ukrianian Super League champions with his team, in 2011-12 entered the finals 8 UEFA Champions League and in 2012-13 season played 8 times in UEFA Champions League, 1 goal and 1 assists, helped his team qualify from the group stage. On June 7,2013,Manchseter City announced signed up Fernandino from Donetsk, a 4-year contact, he got NO.25 jersey. According to the Donetsk confirmed, Fernandino’s worth of €40 million.

Fernandino ,full of energy, can handle both of center and defensive midfielder, it proves that he can attack and defense, from his data we judge he is very comprehensive .At the same time “high defense” mentality ,4 star left foot and nice long shoot, all of those make him be a good defender and can give sudden attack to his opponent in front-court .

Yaya Toure

The Cote ivoire midfielder,ever played for Barcelona,Manco, Olympiacos,etc.2008-09 season, helped Barcelona win the Champions of La Liga, King’s Football Cup and UEFA Champions League, those made Barca become the fifth in football history and the first La Liga team to won the treble.July 2,2010,Manchster City announced that they signed Yaya Toure by £27.5 million,and won the Premier champions of 2011-12 and 2013-14 with his team. With Guardiola joined Manchester City, Toure’s future becomes a hot issue. Although this “elder player” who was born in 1983,seems come to the end of his career, but his personal ability is still depended by Manchester City as a powerful weapon.

In FIFA 17,Toure is a controversial midfielder because of his “no ideal of defense”, due to the “low-defense” mentality ,many gamers avoid to choose him. After using Toure,I think his attack ability is too over, so that I usually pull him back manually, but he is everywhere to attack in front-court,189cm and 91 strength are enough to make him kick out many midfielders. Nice pass data can make him give striker one goal directly ,even he is surround. While terrible long shot and 4-star weak foot make him shoot longer. So,how about your choice is still depends on yourself.