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The Midfielder of Premier League recommended(E)

Manchester United Football Club

Although Fellaini’s model is good, but his data is not so good , and few people use him in FIFA 17.So our editor will recommend Rooney and Herrera to you.


From the Everton youth training system, when he was 16-year old, promoted to the Everton first team, less than 17 years old but completed his first Premier League show and scored his first ball. In 2004 summer, Rooney transferred to Manchester United with £27 million till now. He has been the captain of Manchester and becomes Manchester United’s legend. He is 32 year-old, it is an embarrassing between major and bench. Fans usually say he take up Pogba’s position and slow down whole team’s rhythm. As for his future in next season, it all depends on himself.

At the beginning ,Rooney’s position is CAM not midfielder, but most gamers will put him on midfielder base on his H-level defense and M attack, in addition to his good physical strength and a little aggressiveness. Although his pass data is not too good, but his stronger long shoot and 4-star fancy make his tackle menaced. I have used Rooney for several times, his defense is much better than excepted.

Ander Herrera

Started from Zaragoza youth camp, promoted to first line in 2009. In 2011 Herrera transferred to Athletic Club , then in 2014 he joined to Manchester United. Herrera is the one who makes fans be fond of him, attentive to his business and good personal ability. With Carrick’s old,he will take responsibility for midfield organization,a more important task. He would be the indispensable people to recover Manchester United.

In FIFA 17, Herrera owns “high attack and defense” mentality, but his physical power is only 83. Keep remind when you use him, don’t make him run from front to back continuously. Herrera is good at weak foot double-4 fancy and nice dribbling. Outstanding pass and favorable defense and long shot , it’s hard to believe that there is anyone, likes Herrera, could be bought under 2000 coins.

Because Liverpool’s Emre Can’s golden car is less to use, Henderson appears in CM mostly; the data of Arsenal’s Kirkland and Ramsey are modest and few of people choose them. I would not introduce them amply.