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The Midfielders of Premier League recommended(A)

Chelsea Football Club
Here are two excellent midfielders of Chelsea to recommend.One is Kante ,transferred from Leicester City Football Club,the other one is a tall guy Matic.


It’s hard to image that the world-class midfielder played for Boulogne, a French primary league, till 2010.In fact ,before that Kante’s football career was unsuccessful, 8-year-old Kante joined to Suresnes, a French sparetime club, after that, Kante started to some train for professional club, but he wasn’t recruited,until he grew to 19.In 2013 summer,Kante joined French Division2 ‘s club, Stade Malherbe de Caen.2013-14 season Kante stood his team played 38 times,2 goals,helped Caen gain the third and rush to Ligue1.

In 2014-15 season, Kante played for Caen 37 times,2 goals, helped team stay in the A level.

In 2015-16 season,as a newer Kante helped Leicester City win the champion of Premier League,created the Leicester miracle. On the 37 matches, 163 steals, average 44 times for every match,he was the steal-king of that Premier League season.

July 16,2016,Chelsea Football Club official announced that signed Kante from Leicester for 5 years. Since Kante joined Leicester ,he became the nightmare of other teams. There is a say among fans : 70% earth’s surface is covered by water, the rest of covered by Kante. From it we can see Kante’s running ability. In addition to the amazing physical strength,Kante’s ability of tackle, judgment and steal are the first-class. Even though in his 31 matches, he only 2 goals, but both 2 were the key goals to against with Manchester United.

In FIFA 17,Kante’s performances conquered EA also, so in the winter update,Kante’s gold card ability from 81 rose to 83.As the Premier first sweep type midfielder, Kante’s price in not expensive, it can be considered high quality but lower price and fit to most people.

First of all,Kante as a midfielder,high defensive mentality and medium attack mentality,it can keep him stay in the defensive position.

Secondly,his “double-speed” is over 80,add to 95 physical strength and 91 aggressiveness, all of these are the good foundation for a type of back -sweep midfielder.

Finally,his defensive data is quite good to 92,tackle is up to 88.

Above all, this perfect data makes Kante become most players’ first choice.

But he also has his own mistakes. As a midfielder,his height model is taller comparing with others, 169 cm makes him sometimes in the midfield in a disadvantage. In addition, his long shot is general that may make him miss some chances to long shot. However he is the NO.1 midfielder in my heart!

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