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Tips and Tricks For Defending In FIFA 19

Continuously Stay Goal Side 

Objective side is frequently characterized as being between the objective you are protecting and the player you are checking and is one of the greatest slip-ups players regularly make in-diversion and, all things considered, that regularly winds up prompting an objective being scored.


By situating yourself objective side you will influence it significantly harder for your rival to score, as they to make them hinder their way to objective. In addition to the fact that this pressures the adversary, yet the odds of guarding a pass or cross to the crate is altogether almost certain.


At the point when situated accurately regardless of how horrible the player might be at safeguarding the aggressor will dependably experience issues attempting to score when you are objective side.


Put Pressure On Your Opponent


While Standing Tackles are an incredible option in contrast to those risky slide handles, they will in any case get you pulled up every now and again and frequently checked. Alongside these results however, making a plunge will frequently surrender your players position which can be a lethal oversight when utilizing a safeguard as it more often than not takes a couple of moments for the player to recoup and alter from staying their leg out.


Rather than taking a chance with your player's position, don't fall for their snare of hurrying in for a handle, rather stick it out and apply weight on them by utilizing Jockey (Hold L2/LT).


This strategy is the best to guard and will enable your player to utilize their body to remove the space your adversary is attempting to get to.


Be Patient and Hold Your Position While Defending


As enticing as it might be to change to the closest player and assault the rival with the ball promptly, this is typically the greatest misstep players make while shielding in FIFA.


Hauling a protector out of position is never a perfect move as it makes void space behind you that the assaulting rivals unquestionably won't dither to exploit.


In circumstances where your rivals might surround your resistance, it is in every case best to utilize either a midfielder or winger to help shield the rival. This permits your guarded line time to accumulate and go about as a last boundary if the adversary splits from your initial two lines of protection.


Remember that Forwards and Strikers should shield as well, as they are your first line of barrier, trailed by your midfield. At the point when your advances and midfield are cooperating to protect, the possibility of your adversary's getting a shot on objective is incredibly limited.

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