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Who will lift the Ballon d'Or on earth? Ronaldo or Messi?

The La Liga 33th round El Clásico, Barca defeated Real Madrid with 3-2 on Bernabéu. This watched by 6.5 million fans, world-war, became Messi’s stage to show his power.Dance in the penalty box, deadly kill in the last moment,gain the Barca’s 500th  ball. All of this made shine on the 1/4 finals UEFA Champions League’s Ronaldo faded. During the 90 minutes, Ronaldo lost to Messi.

El Clásico decides Ballon d'Or and the La Liga’ s champion belong,this is most media views. Before the El Clásico, Ronaldo lead Messi a little, especially the 2 rounds of UEFA Champions League,Ronaldo 5 goals defeated Bayern, the importance, shocking and consequence of the 5 goals far exceeded Messi’s 11 goals in this season of UEFA Champions League. If Ronaldo won Messi at the El Clásico, then both of Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the year may belong to Ronaldo.

Only the 99th second in the match, Ronaldo makes a big argument. Carvajal send in a cross from the fight, Umtiti trys to save, stretchs out his foot derectly to Ronaldo’s right foot calf,Ronaldo is kicked to the ground.but the referee Hermandes shows nothing. Whether penalty kick or not ?  The A.S considers it is but The Marca expert Andujar Marca says: although there is contact, but does not constitute a penalty.

Ronaldo tries his best to find the chance to shoot, OPTA shows that the game Ronaldo’s data,a total of 8 shots,3 shots; the 6th minute,Ronaldo left foot shot from outside the area is too special, Stegen impounds the ball; the 67th minute Ronaldo misses the a great opportunity, Benzama right pass, Asensio high-speed plug into the box on the right side of the cross,Ronaldo’s barefoot right foot shot slightly wide.Missed the chance of Ronaldo some upset, and expressed to Arsenio :pass should be more forward.

After Messi made a deadly shot, Ronaldo extremely angry.He vent kicked ,roared toward the venue. Ronaldo is eager for the champion, but lost the chance again and again,he may so disappointed to himself and his team’s defense. Lost to Barca,Ronaldo lost to Messi,this result will made a decisive effect to La Liga’s champion structure. Barca’s points are equal to Real Madrid because of one more match.Messi shows himself to the world totally by this game.Ronaldo will litft the Ballon d'Or?It’s too early to say.